Canada to Give Psychedelic Mushrooms to the Mentally Ill

Again, I tell you: they’re in the process of legalizing all drugs, because they want you to be drugged out of your mind while this New World Order rises.

The only one they won’t legalize is cocaine.

VICE News:

The Canadian government is allowing patients who are not terminally ill to legally consume psychedelic mushrooms, on the heels of Oregon’s decision to give people access to shrooms for therapeutic reasons.

Mona Strelaeff, a 67 year-old woman living in Victoria, B.C., said she was granted an exemption to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act allowing her to consume shrooms to treat ongoing trauma.

“I have struggled with anxiety, depression, and addiction for years,” Strelaeff wrote in an email to VICE World News. “During my psilocybin therapy I went deep, way back to when I was a little girl and all those things that happened to me. All the unresolved trauma, it came back and I was beyond terrified, shaking uncontrollably, and crying,” she said.

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in mushrooms, is illegal to produce, possess, and sell in Canada; typically the only exception is for approved research purposes.

But this summer, Health Canada granted exemptions to people with terminal illnesses, allowing them to possess and consume shrooms. That was followed up with Strelaeff’s exemption earlier this month, which paves the way for more shrooms-based therapies, according to TheraPsil, a nonprofit that advocates for psychedelic therapy in end-of-life care in Canada.

I don’t really even know if I’m against the use of psychedelic mushrooms in a clinical setting. I would have to think about it more.

However, what I do know I am against is this process we are currently undergoing to legalize all drugs, because I understand that the end goal is to have everyone be too high to know what’s going on around them.