Canada to Get First Doll That Teaches Children to Mutilate Their Genitals

Daily Stormer
June 29, 2017

Look how beautiful this is, goyim!

Your kid is never too young to start thinking about mutilating his genitals.


Meet Sam. Sam is just a kid who wants to help you understand who he is. And he happens to be transgender.

The trans boy is actually a brand-new toy in development, and his creators hope he explains what it means to be transgender to children. Made up of a series of stacking dolls, each layer of the toy represents a stage of gender questioning and exploring. The Russian nesting dolls also come with an e-book to help teachers and guardians talk about gender diversity with their children and students.

If I were Putin, I’d nuke Ottawa over this.

This is an insult to all of humanity, but to Russians specifically.

Sam was created by Gender Creative Kids Canada, a nonprofit transgender support organization for children, parents, and families in Montreal. The nonprofit calls Sam “the world’s first educational transgender toy,” and is currently running a Kickstarter to fund production.

Awareness of variations in gender identity is increasing in many countries, but there are still very few tools available that allow parents or teachers to talk to young children about this sensitive, complex subject,” the project’s Kickstarter page says. “Sam helps children empathize with the emotional challenges of being born a transgender or gender-diverse person.”

Few people are actually “born” like that, and those can be made perfectly fine with some minimal medical treatment [Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite -AA]. The rest are just children of attention seeking whores who are either single moms or are married to cucks.

An animated film to promote the doll, called Sam’s Story, has gone viral on Facebook, gaining more than 1 million views in just two weeks.

I doubt most people who watched that filth actually felt “inspired”  by it. More likely, most people were just as disgusted by this garbage as I was.

Here’s the video:

Each doll in the nesting set represents a key step some transgender and gender-nonconforming people experience in terms of their identity, from questioning to exploration to isolation.

The final piece inside every set of Sam nesting dolls is a heart representing one’s true self, showing kids that appearances may change, but who a person is stays the same.

“I’m still the me I was before I cut my dick off!”

The short film was funded by TD Bank and the government of Quebec, and will be used as a standalone education piece in Quebec and Ontario schools.

Take your kids out of school. NOW!

Gender Creative Kids Canada hopes to raise $103,776 USD ($137,500 Canadian) on Kickstarter to fund prototype creation, manufacturing, and shipment of more than 1,500 toys to families, nonprofits, and teachers in Canada. Your pledge of $75 helps fund these efforts, and also gets you your own Sam doll.

The organization plans to release the doll in June 2018.

Over 100K for 1500 dolls? Seriously? So not only are the stupid goyim’s kids gonna be taught to destroy their lives, but their parents are gonna pay a ton of money for it too? (Remember, these will be bought by schools, so people paying for them have no say in this).

If you live anywhere in North America or western Europe, remember – they’re trying to brainwash your kids non-stop through every available means. So homeschool your children, and make sure they don’t watch TV, or rather cable (you can buy a TV and a video game console to give them something to do). Toys used to be relatively normal, but they’re starting to attack that angle too.

When in doubt, buy Japanese robots.

You can never go wrong with Japanese robots.

If your 5-year old son plays with this, you can be 99.9999% sure he won’t cut his dick off