Canada: The Joker Says He’s Going to Start Killing Arabs

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2015


I can’t tell who’s trolling who here.

Obviously, it’s very unlikely the Joker is going to start killing Arabs.


Police in Quebec are investigating a video in which a man wearing a mask of Batman’s arch-enemy the Joker threatened to kill one Muslim every week. Canada has seen incidents of anti-Muslim violence in the wake of Paris terrorist attacks.

The video was posted Tuesday on YouTube, but has since been taken down. In it a man speaking in a Quebecois-sounding accent said that starting next week he would kill an Arab or a Muslim each week all across the province.

He was brandishing what appeared to be a handgun and said he had like-minded people on board who would help him to carry out the threat, reported the National Post.

Quebec provincial police, Sûreté du Québec, wouldn’t confirm or deny investigating the video.

Montreal’s police (SPVM) said they were aware of the video and were trying to establish whether the person falls under their jurisdiction.

“If you make threats on social networks or on the web, there are very concrete consequences in the real world, the criminal code allows us to press charges against people who do things like this,” SPVM spokesperson Laurent Gingras told Vice News.

Is it a misguided right-winger trolling Moslems?

Or is it a leftist trolling the right-wing?

Someone in it for the lols?

It could even be the security services themselves.

The fact that he’s French means he might genuinely be angry. Still, it is unlikely anyone who was going to go all Charles Bronson on the Moslems would post a video first. Also, killing one a week makes no sense, given that you would get arrested after the first killing (unless you were some diabolical genius I guess, but it’s pretty hard to get away with murder these days).

Knowing the state of Canada’s security services, they probably won’t even be able to find him.

We may never know the nature of the Joker YouTube threatener.