Canada: TA Berated for Thought Crime for Playing Jordan Peterson Clip in Class

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2017


This is the best clip yet.

This chick Lindsay Shepherd, a TA at Laurier University in Canada, played a Jordan Peterson clip where he’s talking about tranny pronouns in a class, and she was called into to an inquisition and dressed down for “targeting” students and “making them feel unsafe.”

You should listen to the whole thing. They say that she was breaking a Canadian human rights law by playing the clip. Her argument was that there are shitlords out there that refuse to refer to trannies by their preferred pronoun and that students should be made aware of that and she was effectively told that universities are not places of ideas but in fact safe spaces. She was also told that it was a problem that she didn’t put a political spin on it, which implies directly that universities also exist for the purpose of brainwashing people.

How funny it is that it was the Jews were the ones that pushed this whole “COLLEGE IS FOR CHALLENGING IDEAS” when they were trying to shove kikery down the throat of America in the 60s, and now that they’ve taken complete control of the popular narrative, there are no more challenges of ideas.

She was crying throughout the attack on her, as the professors involved in the dressing-down used emotional pressure that, as a woman, she was incapable of managing.

She could have easily told them “you are targeting me as a woman” and they would have had to shirk back and end the psychological assault. But she didn’t use those magic words.

Those are magic words we all need to be using, by the way. If you’re a white male at university and they start talking about white privilege and diversity and so on, go up – or just say to the whole class, that’s even better – that the material makes you feel “targeted” and “unsafe.”

Seriously: they have no response to that. And if you start doing it they will have to totally change their strategy.

Shepherd recorded this conversation clandestinely, and after releasing it, the school was forced to issue an apology.

Here’s the full clip, uncut.