Canada Sentences “Conspiracy Theorist” Who Stormed Trudeau’s House to Six Years

In February, a QAnon guy stormed Justin Trudeau’s house.

After his recent sentencing, VICE News is reporting that the cause was a lack of total censorship:

The man who drove his truck through the gates of Rideau Hall—where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lives with his family—and had an armed standoff with police was sentenced to six years today. 

Corey Hurren, a 46-year-old Canadian Armed Forces reservist, posted conspiracy content on social media shortly before ramming the gates. He pleaded guilty to seven firearms charges in February and mischief. When he was arrested, he was armed with three long guns, including a semi-automatic rifle, and had said that he was prepared to die during the standoff with police. Hurren said he was hoping to “speak” to Trudeau when he stormed the property. The prime minister nor his family were at Rideau Hall during the time of his attack.

On social media, Hurren shared several posts that indicated his beliefs in conspiracies surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and one post that showed he harboured an interest in QAnon. Hurren seemed particularly interested in a conspiracy about Event 201, which attempts to prove the pandemic is the work of a group of elites for nefarious purposes. These conspiracies, paired with gun control legislation brought about by the Liberals, pushed Hurren to take action.

The National Post, who gained access to a 13-page psychiatric report on Hurren, reports Hurren had both his private and personal life upended in the recent years and turned to conspiracies. Hurren ran a sausage-making business and volunteered with the Canadian Rangers—a group within the armed forces that provide services to isolated communities. Both were taken away by COVID-19 as the pandemic hurt his fledgling business and he wasn’t able to volunteer with the Rangers. His wife said that he would spend most of each day “laying on the couch or in bed on his phone browsing the internet.” The National Post reports the psychiatrist, who evaluated Hurren at the behest of his lawyer, diagnosed the man with “major depression.”

This is the kind of example they give you when they say “conspiracy theories are dangerous.”

The implication is that people read things online, and then that causes them to do things like storm Justin Trudeau’s house in a truck.

Another very similar example is the guy who supposedly stormed Comet Pizza with a plan to free kidnapped children. He was sentenced to 4 years, back in 2017.

I have no problem agreeing with “armed men storming places is bad.”

However, if they actually cared about this, and thought it was a problem, what they would do is address the root cause of this process.

People don’t just read something and be triggered to go do some violent act. That is some kind of voodoo belief.

What happens is, people feel like they’re being lied to, then they find alternative information, and start to become obsessed with it. They feel like no one is listening to them, and eventually, they become unhinged.

These are the two premises of the mainstream:

  1. Every view of the mainstream media is correct
  2. The solution to people not agreeing with the mainstream is mass censorship

Those things do not align with one another.

If you truly believed that you have found ultimate truth, you would welcome debate. I welcome debate of my views.

The entire concept behind “freedom of speech” is that it prevents violence to allow people to have an open and public conversation about every issue. If you remove freedom of speech, the theory goes, it will result in violence.

If millions of people believed in something that was demonstrably false, you would begin inviting the figureheads of these movements to debate in the public arena, in a fair manner.

The fact that millions of people believe in QAnon – in the really kooky aspects of it, like that Donald Trump is now the Shadow President – is a result of mass censorship.

All you have to do is look at the supposed “vaccine” for the coronavirus. This is something that you’re not allowed to talk about, at all. Any questions about it are banned from all public platforms. You are only allowed to state the party line, that the vaccine is universally good and anyone who doubts that is a kook who must be silenced.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg himself, one of the main people charged with enforcing this censorship regime, said in a leaked conversation that he was hesitant about this supposed vaccine.

When that clip was leaked, the media refused to report on it. He is saying, word for word, what the people who are supposedly insane are saying.

It’s very easy to see how people look at something like this and begin to lose their minds.

Then, the solution to violence that is caused by censorship is always more censorship, which will inevitably produce more violence.

They don’t mind the violence, as it justifies the censorship.