Canada: Retarded “Gender Fluidity” Program Being Taught in More and More Schools and Kindergartens

Daily Stormer
January 14, 2017

Every rabbi’s dreamgoy

If Canada were a real country, they’d probably make the podium of the world’s most cucked countries.

I don’t think they’d get first place, that belongs to Britain, but Sweden and Germany would certainly have to start cucking harder than ever to keep their current positions.


A radical sex education program that teaches gender is fluid and is secondary to biological sex is spreading across public schools in Canada.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification (SOGI), which began in British Columbia in 2016, is a curriculum that normalizes homosexuality and gender confusion.

SOGI’s website says the curriculum’s title is “an inclusive term that encompasses all individuals regardless of where they identify on the sexual orientation or gender identity spectrums, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, two-spirit, heterosexual, and cisgender.”

Normal people are just a term among many…

And they teach this in schools.

And nobody rioted.

The program is based on the notion that its use in public schools reduces “discrimination, suicidal ideation and suicide attempts for all students.”

Yeah… That’s not gonna work.

Telling people who are severely mentally ill to the point they think they’re the opposite gender to accept their illness as something normal is gonna have the same results as telling someone with cancer to write love poems to their tumor – they’re either gonna die, or end up wishing they were dead.

“They told me I would be happy if I cut my dick off and wore a skirt.”

The suggestion of the fear of suicide is one of the primary reasons parents of the few children who are truly gender confused and those swept up in a cultural trend are urged by LGBT activists in schools to immediately rush to affirm their children’s claim to be a different gender.The fear also fuels the recommendation by LGBT “affirming” therapists that children claiming to be a gender that does not match their biological sex must be affirmed in their gender confusion and even allowed to begin taking puberty-suppressing drugs in order to begin “transition” to the opposite sex.

Idiot parents and (((doctors with no scruples))) are a very bad combination…

For those of you who are parents who might have a child with this type of mental illness, I strongly recommend you look up what happened to David Reimer. There are several documentaries you can watch.

“A beautiful theory”

As a general rule, never trust any psychologists – not even the ones that aren’t kikes.

Psychology, at least in it’s current incarnation, is a moronic pseudo-science invented by a filthy kike who had the bright idea of charging stupid housewives tons of money in order for them to tell him their deepest (READ: Most easy to blackmail with) secrets.

Your typical German Rabbi

The current crop of (((psychologists))) does just that, except they also feed you toxic mind-altering candy that makes you kill yourself or go on a rampage.

The SOGI curriculum notes 10 “key components” are necessary for the program to be effective in schools, including learning the “common language” used by LGBT activists; ensuring students have the right to “self-identification, which includes the name by which they wish to be addressed and the preferred pronouns that correspond to their gender identity”; “dress guidelines” to ensure students can dress in a manner that expresses whichever gender they prefer at any given time; and allowing all students to use whichever bathrooms and showers they believe corresponds with their preferred gender.

According to a report at the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), one teacher told her class of young children: “There are people who are boys, there are people who are girls, there are people whose gender might be a little bit of both or might even be neither.”

Young children read books that normalize transgenderism, including 10,000 Dresses, and sing The Rainbow Song, which includes the lyrics, “Gender won’t decide the choices we make. Some boys like dressing up; some girls like catching snakes.”

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, an author and inspirational speaker who opposes SOGI, told CBN that the program requires that even children in kindergarten should be encouraged to be whichever gender they want.

“And we are seeing the results of that now because some kids are reacting very emotionally and saying, and they’re in fear, will I suddenly struggle with feeling like a different gender inside of my body?” she said.

Similarly, Kari Simpson of Culture Guard – which also opposes the program – calls SOGI child abuse.

“So all those beautiful qualities that make young girls beautiful girls and women are being basically vilified, the things that make our boys, boys, are being taken from them, so equating young men to be strong protectors, is something that’s now evil,” Simpson said.

These are the cuckiest arguments I’ve ever heard in my life… Can’t you just call them the disgusting freaks that they are?

Transgender individual Morgane Oger, however, argues SOGI is focused on acceptance and not indoctrination:

The idea is to teach kids that there are gay kids and there are trans kids and there are trans parents and gay parents in our society and everybody is wanted and desired – after all, that’s what our Human Rights code says and it’s the role of schools to teach the following of our laws, right?

When asked about parental rights to opt children out of classes and programs that promote SOGI, Oger said, “Actually, in Canada the parent’s rights are limited and children’s rights are put ahead, so the child has the right to be protected from the parents when the parents behave badly.”

Read that bolded part again.

You Canucucks happy with this?

SOGI notes on its website that, in British Columbia, its educator network “has grown from 9 to 49 districts” in one year.

A quick reminder that if you live anywhere in the western World and you’re not homeschooling, you’re a part of the problem.

Vancouver area pastor Kevin Cavanaugh is joining with Tyler Thompson and Simpson to warn Christian parents on social media about SOGI, hoping the effort will lead to a resurrection of the Christian community in Canada.

“Here’s the concern,” Cavanaugh said. “You take this a few more generations, a few more seasons, a few more years, and the question of whether or not Christian parents are fitting or fit to actually raise their children, that – if we don’t battle this back, that is going to come onto the plate, right?”

We’re beginning to meet with pastors and we’re seeing tears in their eyes and the church is beginning to prepare for what it takes to fight for our kids,” Tyler Thompson said.

That took you long enough… And you had to cry about it first, very encouraging.

Take your kids out of schools, before it’s too late.