Canada Receives the Trash It Tried to Dump in the Philippines

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 30, 2019

People of the world were shocked to hear that the entire concept of Canada is a hoax, and that actually, they’re not so much a green country as they are a country that exports their trash to the Philippines.

Filipino leader Rody Duterte found out about this weird arrangement, and told the faggy Canadian dictator Justin Trudeau to take back his trash or he would invade Canada.

It was a really disgusting discovery.

Even I was shocked.

The Philippines has enough trash without snobby liberal global warming hoaxer faggots dumping it on them from the other side of the world.

It really demonstrates the attitude of liberals:

Justin Trudeau: We’re finally getting close to a true green economy, even with all of these immigrants running loose everywhere. It feels so wonderful to see so many Muslims at the gay pride parade.

Stupid Woman: In order to have a true green economy, we have to stop producing so much trash.

Justin Trudeau: Oh, we’ll just dump that shit on brown people, lol.

Stupid Woman: HAHAHAHA!

Anyway – it was a win just to make the world look at what a slimy piece of shit Justin Trudeau and the rest of the Canadian shitlibs actually are.

But now Duterte has succeeded in getting the trash back to Cuckistan.


A massive cargo vessel carrying 69 containers of trash has docked in Vancouver, a month after the Philippines refused to become Canada’s ‘dumping ground’ and finally sent back some 1,500 tons of contaminated household waste.

The hazardous cargo full of plastic bottles, electric appliances and even diapers returned to Canadian shores after rotting in the Philippines for nearly six years. Container ship ‘Anna Maersk’ was filmed docking at Deltaport in Vancouver early on Saturday morning, following a month-long voyage from Southeast Asia.

Fearing possible contamination, the city will soon proceed to incinerate the waste. “It’s a bit of a unique material,” general manager of solid waste service for Metro Vancouver, Paul Henderson, told local media.

Despite environmental concerns, burning the waste would be a way better option than eating it for dinner, as President Rodrigo Duterte had suggested before shipping the decaying trash back:

“Prepare a grand reception. Eat it if you want to.”

Wow, incinerating trash, huh?

I didn’t even know that was still legal. It’s definitely not “green.”

But neither is dumping your trash on the third world.

All of these people are so full of shit.

I’m so tired of hearing these people babble on about this goofy global warming nonsense when plastic is and will remain the number one environmental crisis ever.

We don’t even know if global warming is real, and if it is, you can just use nuclear power. Problem solved.

Plastic is definitely real, and the entire world is covered in it, and it is ruining all of nature and human biology – including probably causing autism. And no one is even talking about it. Occasionally, you hear them talk about straws.

But the global warming hoax is talked about 24/7.