Canada Pushing for Decriminalization of Hard Drugs – America is Next

Every piece of available evidence shows that decriminalization of drugs leads to more widespread use. We know this from the countries that have legalized hard drugs and we know this from the countries that legalized marijuana.

People pushing for the decriminalization of opioids can say whatever feel-good nonsense they want, but the reality of the situation is that they are arguing for more people to become addicted to these drugs.

Global News:

The delicate politics of drug policy were on full display this week, as Canada’s chief health officer suggested decriminalizing hard drugs should be discussed to address a spike in opioid overdose deaths, while Health Minister Patty Hajdu insisted decriminalization was not a “silver bullet” solution.

Several provinces — including British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta — have been seeing concerning increases in overdose fatalities since the COVID-19 pandemic began, which Dr. Theresa Tam says is a crisis that is “escalating as we speak.”

“Canadians should be seized with this particular crisis, which can actually happen to anyone and could also have increased risks right now for people who may be isolating at home,” Tam said during a news conference when asked about the issue on Friday.

Increasing access to a safer supply of drugs and building more supervised consumption sites are among the critical steps needed to reduce opioid deaths, she said.

But she added that all approaches must be considered, including “moving toward a societal discussion on decriminalization.”

This is all part of the plan.

The coronavirus lockdown was a purposeful hoax to collapse the economy. They did this because they want to hurt people.

With the economy collapsed, there are going to be tens of millions of new homeless, and many desperate people. They want these people – who will be mostly white – to die. They will give them opioids to kill them.

That is the next phase of this.

Canada is talking about it first, but the rest of the West will begin talking about it very soon.

Just wait and see.