Canada: Popular Media Homo Outed as Serial Molester, Loses Everything Overnight

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 19, 2017

No one could have predicted this guy could be up to no good. Just look at that genuine smile and gentle eyes.

The Weinstein scandal is bearing rich fruits even outside America.

Everywhere, people involved in the media are getting swept up in the wave of “denouncing your former bosses for being disgusting perverts.” This is something new, and unprecedented.

It’s always been understood that the media is a den of sexual predators, and victims understood well that if they didn’t shut their mouths about it, they’d never work in the field again.

But now, people are seeing that some are coming forward, and those “victims” are being praised and taken seriously instead of being cast out of the industry. So the pressure is off, and all these people are coming out with their stories.

This might even bleed outside of North-America and into Europe if the trend continues.


A popular Quebec media personality who is facing an array of sexual misconduct allegations took a leave from his professional activities Wednesday as employers and clients distanced themselves from him.

Eric Salvail said in a Facebook post he’ll take a few days to take stock after Montreal La Presse published a story with allegations from 11 people who said he either sexually harassed them or that they witnessed such behaviour in his presence.

Apparently, this guy is really big in Quebec. He’s got multiple TV shows, radio shows, he represents various brands and often hosts award shows. He’s also openly homosexual.

People are *SHOCKED* to learn that this man is a pervert.

Ten of them came forward under the condition of anonymity and described sexual harassment, inappropriate or sexual touching and unwanted comments. The producer and talk show host also allegedly exposed himself.

The alleged conduct spanned a 15-year period.

The accusations paint him as being a Weinstein-tier pervert. He’d take out his junk randomly, tell men he’d like to sodomize them and generally harass everything with a pulse.

In other words, he’s just a typical homo. Just like Weinstein is merely a typical Jew.

The one person who did agree to having his name published was hair and makeup artist Marco Berardini, who took to Twitter on Wednesday after telling La Presse about alleged unwanted touching and harassment.

He said he went public after dozens of women spoke out against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of rape and harassment.

He thanked actress Rose McGowan in particular for giving him the strength to come forward.

“Sexual assault can happen to all genders and it has to stop!,” wrote Berardini, a Montreal native and Los Angeles-based artist.

God bless Harvey Weinstein. Bless him and his stupid Jew nose.

Because of his sacrifice, involuntary as it may be, we might just see the entire media establishment unravel under the weight of it’s own sin and degeneracy.

Future generations might remember him as “the man who killed Hollywood.”

The allegations have cost him various endorsements — advertisements with grocery chain Metro have been suspended, while tour company Transat A.T. Inc dropped his appearance for a contest bearing his name while maintaining the promotion out of respect for participants.

In one day, this homo lost basically all his corporate endorsements, his TV and radio shows, and major media companies are publicly cutting ties with him.

Completely destroyed, in one day.

If every pervert is similarly cleansed from our media institutions, that’s probably going to remove all the Homos and Jews in one sweep. The media swamp will have been drained.

Is there any chance that this avalanche can be stopped? Yeah, probably. It might. But in order to do so, they’ll have to walk back so much “progress,” that the results will be nearly as advantageous. Basically, you can’t have both feminism and widespread sexual misconduct being openly tolerated for very long before people will start to see the contradiction.

I think we’re on the verge of seeing a major rift opening up between the hardcore SJW crowd, and the establishment liberal ruling over it. And this is happening at the best possible moment, as our power and influence is rising everywhere.

Hopefully this homo scandal will help harden the hearts of Canadians against these perverts. Though I somehow doubt it. Either way, more scandals are sure to come.

Keep it coming.