Canada: Polish Pastor Arrested for “Illegal Gathering”

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How is it still illegal to have church in Canada?

I mean seriously: how are there no Christians standing up against it?

How is it just this one zany evangelical Polish guy? 


A pastor who became an internet sensation after chasing Canadian authorities out of his church has been detained for violating Covid-19 restrictions. Footage of the dramatic arrest was posted on his YouTube channel.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, of Calgary, Alberta, made headlines last month after he berated police for trying to shut down an Easter service that violated limitations on public gatherings. In a viral video of the confrontation, Pawlowski is heard shouting at the “Nazi” and “Gestapo” officers to leave “immediately,” telling them not to return without a warrant.

Although the police retreated, it appears authorities were determined to stop the pastor from holding services. Earlier this week, Alberta Health Services obtained a court order which allows law enforcement to issue fines and even make arrests in order to enforce public health guidelines. The order also applies to organizers of demonstrations.

Calgary police then served Pawlowski with the order. The force said the pastor acknowledged the injunction but nonetheless ignored “requirements for social distancing, mask wearing and reduced capacity limits for attendees” and continued to hold religious gatherings.

On Saturday, a car carrying Pawlowski and his brother, Dawid, was pulled over by police. The incident was filmed by the vehicle’s driver.

After the driver rolls down the window, an officer explains that Artur and Dawid were under arrest for violating the injunction, and asks the two brothers to step out of the car.

Artur, who is sitting in the front passenger’s seat, complies. Moments later, he is seen kneeling on the road with his hands placed behind his head. The pastor then begins to yell at the “Gestapo psychopaths” and “Nazis” as he is arrested.

“Do it the Nazi style!” he shouts at two officers as they cuff him. The cops then drag the pastor to a police cruiser.

At this point, why doesn’t he just say “Jew”? Anti-Semitism is not more serious than breaking Virus Law, and this stuff doesn’t stack. I get that he’s evangelical, but he’s also Polish, so he must be woke on the Jew problem.

Anyway – he’s clearly a bit confused, but I’m not going to criticize him. He’s literally apparently the only Christian in Canada willing to stand up and fight.

Please note that Ezra Levant is running the donation fund for this guy.

For those who don’t know, Levant is a Jew who runs a donation scheme anytime anything happens in Canada, and keeps an absurd amount of the money.

He also doesn’t ask people before he sets up funds for them – it’s not clear how it’s even legal. He makes these domains, always “save[someone].com.”

This is what Levant writes: “Arresting Christians for holding church services is what police states do, not liberal democracies. This has to stop.”

Is that true?

“Liberal democracy” is a “police state.” These things are not mutually exclusive. Presently, every liberal democracy on earth is a police state, and the states that get called “police states” have freedom.

Figure it out!

I think people should support Artur Pawlowski, but please don’t support Ezra Levant. He’s going to keep [X UNKNOWN PERCENTAGE] of what you donate.

You can donate to Pastor Pawlowski directly on his own website, right here. No need to fund Ezra Levant.

If Ezra Levant wasn’t a scam artist, he would just link Pawlowski’s official site on his “SaveArtur.Com” website. Instead, he sets up a fund and takes an unknown cut.

What’s more – in case there needed to be more – “” forwards to a page on that looks like this:

If you click the top donation button (which would be easy to do, especially for a boomer) you get forwarded to a page where you are donating directly to Ezra Levant and not to Artur Pawlowski. It is only the second donation button that goes to the Pawlowski fund.

If you click the first button, you end up here:

That means your entire donation (not just X percent) is going to Ezra.

(Yes, it says “Donate to Rebel News,” but these people clicked on “”)

What percentage of people click on “” and don’t notice that they’ve been forwarded to a different site, and assume that every donation button on the site must be for Save Artur, and accidentally end up donating money that they intended to give to Artur to Ezra Levant?

Whatever percentage it is, it’s not 0%. I can tell you that. And Ezra Levant knows it is not 0%, so this is just open fraud.

Someone should tell Artur Pawloski this is happening, no?

Here’s his contact information:

E-Mail: Mobile

Phone Number: 403-607-4434

E-mail us:

I think Pawloski should sue for fraud. In a lawsuit, he could get discovery on how many people clicked on “” and then ended up donating to Levant directly. Levant has those numbers. I think a court would likely agree that this is fraud. It’s not really ambiguous.

This donation scam that Levant runs is so absolutely typical of the Jews. It just never ends. This is a Jew preying on white people who want to make donations to things they believe in. He is the definition of a “human parasite.”

When you see enough of these Jews doing stuff like this, I don’t understand how it is possible to not start hating them.

I just wish they would leave us alone. They have their Israel. I honestly wouldn’t even care about supporting Israel if these Jews would just go live there. But they have to have everything – so they have to live in our countries and suck our blood while at the same time demanding that we support their criminal Zionist terror state.

I would sign an X year defense pact with Israel if all of the Jews went there.

But ultimately, these Jews will not accept less than “everything,” so there could never be anything reasonable like “okay we’ll protect your stolen land but you have to leave our countries.” They believe they are God’s chosen ones and everything belongs to them.