Canada: Polish Anti-Hoax Pastor Arrested at the Airport on Return from America

Evangelicals said for decades that a satanic system would take over the West and shut down churches and arrest Christians. Now that’s literally happening, and most of these evangelicals are saying “yeah but it’s because of a virus tho.”

It’s similar to the “yeah but you don’t have a Constitution because of a virus” arguments.

I’m not an expert on eschatology, but I’m pretty sure that not even the evangelicals said “but except if there’s a virus.”

Obviously, there would need to be a reason that the government would start shutting down churches and arresting Christians. I don’t know what these people were picturing in their minds, unless they thought that there would be some kind of heavy metal government, where the guy from Cannibal Corpse was president and said that Christianity was outlawed in the name of Satan.

“The end times began when the singer from Cannibal Corpse became president and then gave his State of the Satanic Union speech and declared that Christianity was banned.”

The virus system very explicitly bans Christianity, and the vax mandates are in the process of turning Christians into outlaws.

None of us knows when the end times will be upon us. Mark says that not even Jesus knows.

I think the people who are saying it is for sure the end times are almost as inappropriate as the evangelicals saying it isn’t the end times and the vax is safe and effective.

But it is definitely starting to look pretty suspicious.

I heard a recent interview with E. Michael Jones, and the interviewer asked if he thought the vax was the Mark of the Beast and he replied: “makes sense to me.”

But of course, the people in control are satanic, and might just be trying to create their own end times.

The point is: Christianity is already de facto illegal, and this is only going to keep getting worse.

CBC News:

Controversial preacher Artur Pawlowski was arrested on outstanding warrants as he arrived back in Calgary on a private charter flight following a month-long anti-vaccine speaking tour in the U.S. where he met with extreme right wing online social media activists and Donald Trump’s son.

On Monday afternoon, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers made the arrest.

He is now charged with disobeying a court order and failing to wear a mask, which is a $50 bylaw ticket. The offences date back to March and June of this year, according to Calgary police.

Pawlowski’s lawyer, Sarah Miller, called the timing “illogical” given the dates of the alleged breach and bylaw ticket were before her client left for the U.S.

Video circulating on Twitter shows Pawlowski being arrested on the tarmac of the Calgary airport Monday afternoon.

About seven hours later, lawyer Miller secured her client’s release on the condition that he keep the peace and be of good behaviour.

Pawlowski and his brother, Dawid Pawlowski — who is running for a city council seat in Ward 11, are already facing potential jail sentences after being convicted of contempt for repeatedly flouting COVID-19 public health measures and encouraging others to do the same.

They will be sentenced on Oct. 13, which is the same date the new charges are before the courts.

AHS seeks jail time

Lawyers for Alberta Health Services (AHS) have asked Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Adam Germain to sentence Artur Pawlowski to three weeks in jail and that he be fined $2,000 plus pay $15,000 in legal costs. They also want to see 10 days for Dawid Pawlowski.

Miller, who represents both brothers, asked that her clients spend no time in jail.

Throughout the pandemic, the Pawlowskis repeatedly hosted and promoted large maskless gatherings for church services in Calgary and also denied health officials entry to the church, located in the southeast neighbourhood of Dover.

AHS inspectors who attempted to enter the church were met with abusive language.

That was the famous scene where Pawlowski unfortunately referred to the Bolsheviks as “Nazis.”

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But I’m not really concerned with comparisons to Nazism. I will admit that I do cringe, because the Nazi Party literally released nonstop propaganda saying that vaccines were part of a Jewish conspiracy.

Also, Nazis were pretty adamant about personal freedom and never would have locked anyone in their house.

Furthermore, the Nazis were famously against the Jews, and all of these covid vaccines are Jewish.

Here’s a Jew bragging about how all of these vaccines are Jewish.

So, even if you’re against the Nazis, it’s just not a fair comparison.

But, you know – I’m over it.

We’ve got more important problems than trying to defend the Nazis, who frankly, could have done a better job at defending themselves.