Canada: Petition to Fire Female Principal for Listening to Iron Maiden

At first, I was confused as to what was going on here.

Iron Maiden is a Christian-inspired band, unlike many metal bands. They use “scary” imagery, but in a good way. If you listen to the lyrics, they are really warning about evil.

I’ve often posted Maiden’s “The Number of the Beast” myself, as a warning about the coming satanic order.

(Although to be fair, yesterday I posted Weezer’s “Beverly Hills,” so I do post music that is complete garbage with no redeeming qualities sometimes.)

So, then I saw the picture of the principal…

And then I heard this person referred to as “she.”

I guess it is the one on the right there?

Yeah, I’d say the issue here is bigger than music preferences.

New York Post:

Some Canadian parents want a heavy metal-loving high school principal to headbang her way to another job.

Parents at Eden High School in St. Catharines, Ontario launched a petition to remove Principal Sharon Burns because she is an unabashed fan of the legendary British band Iron Maiden.

More than 500 people have signed the appeal to transfer Burns after the metalhead posted a picture of a doll of the band’s zombie mascot Eddie, and a hand-drawn picture reading “666” on Instagram, according to the petition.

The number 666 is used to represent the devil, and is featured prominently in artwork by the band, known for albums like “The Number of the Beast.”

Burns’ post appeared to have been deleted from her IG account amid the anti-Antichrist blowback.

The “Aces High” loving administrator did note on her Twitter bio that she is “fueled by metal and ska.”

“As all communities and schools are supposed to be about kindness, EQUITY and INCLUSION, this displaying of Satanic symbols is mocking and isolating large segments of the community she works in and clearly is not upholding any of those values,” read the petition, which was created by parent Debbi Lynn, according to iHeart Radio.

The rift over hard-rock riffs didn’t end there. A dueling petition in support of the headbanging headmistress had garnered support from more than 15,000 people by Saturday night.

The anti-Burns team has posted memes saying they’re not against the music, they’re against “666.”

Unfortunately, Christians, especially in places like Canada, have bought into this new world morality as regards sexuality. So instead of saying “this bitch is some kind of manic dyke! Get her out!”, they have to find some other angle.

In this case, Iron Maiden is caught in the crossfire.

I had initially thought that I heard on Incendiary Radio on the Republic Broadcasting Network that Maiden was actually fighting back against the virus hoax like Eric Clapton, Van Morrison and others, then after searching a bit, I realized that was actually Megadeth.

Maiden’s frontman, Bruce Dickinson, actually took the vax and had one of the very, very – very, very, very – rare “breakthrough cases.”

(People think these aren’t very rare since seemingly every celebrity gets them. But they tend to only affect celebrities. Either that, or the whole thing is a gigantic hoax, and both the vax and the tests are dealing with a disease that doesn’t even exist in the first place.)

So I guess Maiden is satanic – but not so much for the reasons these Canadian parents believe.

Many metal bands probably are satanic, and just in general, this kind of really angry and violent music isn’t probably very good for your mental and spiritual health.

That said, a lot of older metal is a lot of fun, and I think the genre has degraded over time.

(I do get that metal is complicated and a lot of people, particularly those with autism, get into it for its complexity. I’m not trying to say I’m totally against it. Conversely, I am totally against dykes in school.)