Canada: Peace Trucker Identified as Armenian “Alek Minassian,” Cops Still Claiming to be Retarded

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 24, 2018

Though the New York Times is reporting that the carnage was pure…

…it has not yet been confirmed that it was MAXIMUM.

So we’ve got a name and a face on the latest bringer of peace to the sidewalk of a Western city via a vibrant big truck.

Alek Minassian.

There is pretty much a 100% chance this guy is Armenian (or at least his dad is).

Ten are dead at time of writing.

The cops are claiming they have no idea why he did this act, but they are 100% certain that it had nothing at all to do with terrorism. They’re actually not even completely sure that it wasn’t just a big misunderstanding.

The Independent:

The first picture has emerged of Toronto van crash suspect Alek Minassian, who is thought to have killed 10 people in the Canadian city on Monday.

He was arrested after a brief confrontation with police, and chief Mark Saunders said the crash “definitely looked deliberate”.

However, officials did not comment on a possible motive except to play down any connection to terrorism.

As they’re saying it “looked deliberate” media is continuing to entertain the idea that it was maybe an accident.

Even though after running these people over, he got out of the van and begged cops to shoot him, claiming he had a gun.

But they’re all saying “not terrorism.”

That is of course completely meaningless. It is just a reflexive response whenever anything happens to say “not terrorism.”

There is no report about him screaming about Allah.

But why else do you run people over with a van?

His last name is definitely Armenian.

But you note there are several half-Iranians on there.

Armenia is a Christian country, but they’re sort of barely white or perhaps proto-white, and they mix with Islamic brown people.

Because they border them.

So he could be half-Turk or half Azari and Moslem.

Or maybe it’s just another high casualty random event no one can explain.

Although so far the peace truck thing has been exclusively Allah-oriented.

The Cucknadian police probably won’t ever tell us if he’s Moslem or not, and will just try to memory hole the whole thing.

But whether or not he’s Moslem, he’s a foreigner who came to a white country and killed a bunch of people randomly.

Which is yet another strike against mass immigration, if you ask me.

Although I guess some people like being run over randomly by a foreigner on the streets of their own city, so I can’t speak for everyone.