Canada: Old Lady Made Homeless After Slimy Jew Stole Her Life Savings

Daily Stormer
December 17, 2016


Trust me goyim. I’ll take good care of your savings.

Jews have been kicked out of gentile nations 109 times in history, for absolutely no good reason.

And the worst part of it all is that these Jews have been so good to us. They give us such valuable services, like loans and prostitution, that it’s a wonder we ever managed to survive without them.

It’s insane that in 2016, the anti-Semites running the Canadian state media would be running some sort of demonizing operation on some poor Jew who’s only trying to get by in this cruel goy-dominated society.


Rita Fulciniti put a down payment on a new west-end condo, thinking that home ownership would bring her a little comfort and financial security in her retirement years. Instead, the 66-year-old is living in a homeless shelter, broke, and still chasing the Toronto real estate agent who borrowed her life savings.


Anyone who deals with Jews will make this face eventually.

In March 2014, Fulciniti’s $42,000 down payment was for a second-floor unit in the Vivid Condos on Michael Power Place near Bloor Street West and Islington Avenue. A year later, while the condo was still under construction, Fulciniti learned her potential roommate wouldn’t be moving into the building.

Fulciniti approached Chaim Smilovici — who also goes by the name Howard Smilovici, and was a real estate agent with Adenat Realty at the time — to find a tenant who would help cover the costs of carrying the condo. It was the beginning of her nightmare, she says.

Hmmm, why would he hide his real name like that?

Must be because he’s afraid of unfounded anti-Jew prejudice.

He should probably change his last name as well though, since it’s also a known Jewish surname (meaning “son of Samuel”).


He might want to look into getting that nose adjusted as well.

“I have sleepless nights. I don’t know who to turn to, where to go or who to talk to. It’s devastating.”

Smilovici found her a tenant, but he also asked to borrow $95,000 she had earmarked to help close the condo deal when construction of the building was complete.

In June 2015, she signed a loan agreement with Smilovici through his company, Maximum Sports Management Group Inc. The contract stipulated she would be repaid in full with a $5,000 cash bonus and an annual 12 per cent return on the loan.

“I trusted him,” said Fulciniti. “I thought I could make a little more money. He said he’d give me $1,000 a month [in interest payments].”

Smilovici was supposed to pay Fulciniti $100,000 before she had to close on her condo in August 2015, but so far, not a penny of the money has been returned.


Trying to get money back from a Jew is like trying to get a t-bone back from a hungry dog.

When contacted by the CBC Toronto, Smilovici conceded he borrowed the money, but “the entire situation went backwards and the money is lost.” Smilovici says he invested Fulciniti’s money in a nightclub.

“I didn’t keep her money,” he added.

Fulciniti says the real estate agent originally gave her postdated cheques to cover the $1,000 monthly interest on the loan, but even those bounced. Her bank provided her with a notice that there were insufficient funds in Smilovici’s account.

Smilovici claims the cheques didn’t bounce. He says he put a stop-payment order on them because he was angry that Fulciniti kept calling his office demanding her money.

“She was constantly calling my office. Before you know it, I was canned,” said Smilovici. “She owes me peace and quiet.”

You heard right.

He’s the victim here.

I mean, sure. He owed her 100 grand. But she was calling him about it. Talk about being rude!


The Jew cries out in pain as he stabs you.

Smilovici’s former boss at a RE/MAX agency says he fired the real estate agent in June because Fulciniti wasn’t the only one calling the office looking for Smilovici over unpaid money.

Fulciniti says she was unable to close on her condo deal because Smilovici hadn’t paid back either her $95,000 or the interest. The developer — The Pemberton Group — gave her a one-week extension to close the deal, but Fulciniti says “I couldn’t close. I had no money.”

By August 10, 2015, Fulciniti had forfeited her $42,000 down payment to the developer, and was still out the $95,000 Smilovici and Maximum Sports borrowed from her.

With no condo to move into, the senior citizen stayed with a friend for several months, but now sleeps in a nearby shelter.

“I’m devastated because I’m a senior and that money was my life savings. Now I have absolutely nothing,” she said.

What kind of low-life scum preys on the elderly like this? This poor old lady has been fleeced alive to fuel this Jew’s luxurious lifestyle.

The heavens cry out for vengeance over this injustice.


Frankly, the oven’s too good for him.

CBC Toronto asked Smilovici if he plans to start repaying the money he borrowed.

“If she wants to get her lawyer to contact me, I am prepared to make restitution … if it’s terms I can agree to,” he said.

He suggested he might be able to pay her $1,000 a month. When told that might take a decade at that rate, Smilovici replied, “It is what it is” and “you can’t get blood from a stone.”

Smilovici has few assets to his name, apart from a 2009 Mercedes-Benz. However, he is known to spend time in Boca Raton, Fla., where his wife is registered as the owner of a $118,000 condo purchased in September. She is also registered as the buyer of two condos in the Toronto area. The more recent of those purchases was a unit bought in July for $430,000 at 7460 Bathurst St. in Vaughan.

When asked if he would borrow money from his wife to repay Fulciniti, he replied, “It doesn’t work that way.”

Indeed, it doesn’t work that way.

The way it works is that the goyim give money to the Jews. Not the other way around. How hard is that to understand?

In any case, the first priority here is to get this woman back on her feet.

A gofundme campaign is already underway to help her.



Kek has already given his blessing.

The second priority is to make this kike’s life as unbearable as possible until he coughs up the money.

You can encourage our friend Smilovici to pay up:

Twitter: @HowardSmilovici


Phone: (647) 221-4272

After being pressured by the media, he’s said he was going to pay her back the 95,000$ (like the slippery Jew he is, his first offer isn’t even to pay back the total amount agreed in the contract). But that’s obviously just to get people off his back. He’ll need some more encouragement.

If anyone knows a lawyer or a notary who could put a lien on this guy’s property (or his wife’s property), you should ask them to get involved.

The era of revenge is upon us.

We shall not suffer another Jew to scam us.