Canada: Nurses Insult Fat Indian Bitch as She’s Dying

Cruel people would laugh at this.

But you don’t have to be cruel to laugh at this.

New York Post:

Disturbing video captures nurses in Canada taunting and berating a dying Indigenous woman in the last moments of her life.

Joyce Echaquan, a 37-year-old mother of seven, died Monday after being admitted to a Joliette hospital for stomach pain two days prior. But before her death, she managed to start a Facebook Live video capturing the vitriol, CBC reported.

“You’re stupid as hell,” a nurse says in French as Echaquan squirms in pain, according to the outlet.

“You made some bad choices, my dear,” another nurse says, according to The Guardian. “What are your children going to think, seeing you like this?”

“She’s good at having sex, more than anything else,” the first nurse then responds.

“Who do you think is paying for this?” one of the nurses also says, according to a local Montreal news blog, MTL Blog.

Echaquan, a member of the Atikamekw Indigenous tribe found in Southwest Quebec, previously suffered similar issues and also had a heart condition, CBC reported. Her family believes she was given too much morphine and it contributed to her death, which is still under investigation.

At least one of the nurses was fired following the incident, which was lambasted by Indigenous leaders as an example of systematic racism that happens far too often and goes ignored in the country, The Guardian reported.

“Discrimination against First Nations people remains prevalent in the healthcare system and this needs to stop,” the Assembly of First Nations national chief, Perry Bellegarde, said in a statement, the outlet reported.

If you’re laughing, you’re not even really laughing at the woman in a mean way. This is her own sense of humor. Turning on a Facebook live stream as you’re dying is a fundamentally hilarious thing to do.

But come on: the woman has seven kids, and she drank herself to death.

Is there anything more selfish than that?

How is that supposed to not make a normal person angry?

These brown people that live among us do not deserve us. And we don’t deserve them. This situation is so absurd. We should be colonizing space and otherwise solving the mysteries of the universe, and instead we are babysitting these savages.

Beyond holding back progress, these savages are ruining our personal lives. They are making our existences unbearable, with all of these endless demands.

We are supposed to accept that we deserve this being done to us because of things that allegedly happened before any of us were even born?

To quote a great philosopher: C’MON MAN!