Canada: Nazi Hero Tells Moslem Terrorist to “Remove Her Towel” and Go Back to Her Country

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2017

Not all heroes wear capes.

Liberals will go nuts watching the above video. But in fact, if they only thought about it, they’d understand that they should give full support to people who do this sort of thing.

You see, there’s two ways to get rid of these Moslems. The first is to make them feel really unwelcome, shouting at them nonstop and making halal slaughter illegal and things of the sort, until they leave.

The second way is right wing death squads.

Anti-Moslem-shouting is a code word for pro-deathsquadism. Uh, or something.

In reality, by shouting racist epithets at these people, we’re working to avoid the death squad option, and are thus working for peace and non-violence.

Anti-shouting activists are de-facto death-squad advocates. It’s just basic logic.


A shocking video has captured the moment a man hurled abuse at a teacher wearing a hijab after she pulled over to ask him for directions.

Kaniz Fatima was travelling with her family when the man she had sought advice from suddenly began yelling offensive phrases at her.

Thankfully, Kaniz had her camera rolling throughout the shocking tirade, which shows the man admitting he ‘is a Nazi ‘ and shouting at her to ‘take her head towel off’ until he was interrupted by passers-by.

The appalling video, filmed in Pinawa near Winnipeg, Canada, starts with Kaniz shouting: “You are being racist .”

But the man does not appear to care what he’s being accused of, yelling back: “I’m a f****** Nazi b***h.

How will her feelings ever recover?

It’s heartwarming that even in the forsaken liberal kingdom of Trudeau, there are still men who proudly proclaim their Nazism.

“Take your head towel off in this country.”

When Kaniz, from Calgary, in Alberta, asks why, the man replies: “Because it supports Muslims.”

He then tells her to go back to her own country.

It’s good advice.

Whenever multiple ethnic groups occupy the same territory, it always ends in a violent struggle for dominance. And that’s not a struggle the Moslems can realistically win at this point in time.

In a Fallout-type scenario, we’d be the ones with the power-armor, I can tell you that.

So it’s best if they just pack up and leave peacefully while that’s still in the cards.

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