Canada Moving to Ban Tear Gas as World Prepares for Ultimate Riot Fest

We’ve seen Canada being used as a testing ground for various purposes. They were the first ones to legalize medical marijuana, then recreational marijuana. Now America is doing that. Recently, Canadians called to decriminalize all drugs, including heroin, something that the leaders of America are working on.

Now, Canada wants to wipe out the only known method for breaking up riots, as we’re on the verge of total riot.

CTV News:

A human rights group at the University of Toronto is calling for a ban on tear gas as a riot control agent, arguing police often misuse the chemical weapon and that it can often harm peaceful protesters or innocent bystanders.

In a report released Thursday, the University of Toronto’s International Human Rights Program (IHRP) calls for all levels of government to issue legislation banning the use of tear gas, to destroy current stockpiles of the chemical weapon and to halt all imports, exports and manufacturing of it.

“It has an inherently indiscriminate effect and is really abused against peaceful assemblies and against vulnerable populations,” Vincent Wong, a research associate at the IHRP and co-author of the report, told in a phone interview.

It’s because of the “indiscriminate” nature of tear gas that that the report states that it “harms everyone in its vicinity regardless of whether one is engaged in militant actions in a demonstration, protesting peacefully, or merely observing.”

The report also states that tear gas is frequently misused by law enforcement, including incidents of tear gas being used on peaceful protesters and misuse of tear gas guidelines, which state it should not be administered indoors or directly on someone.

Tear gas can cause severe irritation of the lungs, eyes, nose and mouth. It can cause crying, difficulty breathing and temporary blindness. The symptoms can last upwards of 30 minutes after exposure.

Long-term side effects of tear gas include severe eye injures, development of respiratory illnesses and damage to the cardiovascular system. A 1995 report from the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, found that one person dies for every 600 times police administer tear gas.

“The long-term (side effects are) now really only starting to come to fruition as medical health professionals have done more longitudinal studies,” Wong said. “What they’re showing is that there’s actually warnings of higher risks of blindness, permanent chemical burns in the throat and lungs, of respiratory failure that can lead to death, of increased risk of heart attack.”

Often during these riots over the last months, we’ve seen cities refusing to use their tear gas.

What we have also seen is that when a city uses tear gas, the riot is stopped in under an hour.

It is literally the magic solution to riots. So of course they want to take it away based on some “it’s not nice” bullshit.

They want endless riots. Making it impossible to quell riots creates endless riots.