Canada: More White Women Under 35 Think the Country is “Racist” Than Nonwhites

This is Canada. But go type “[ANY COUNTRY] refugees welcome,” and you will find white women protesting alongside brown people to flood the country with immigrants. The demographics of a pro-immigration protest in any white country are always the same.
White women are an absolute cancer.

If you give these whores rights, they will simply proceed to rot your country out from the inside.

The only possible solution is forced child marriage.


Some 34% of Canadians believe they live in a “racist country,” claims a new poll. However, those views are more pronounced in some demographics than others.

In the Angus Reid Institute poll released on Monday, 54% of women under age 35 were ready to condemn Canada as racist, while only 21% of men over 55 agreed.

Young women, in fact, were even more likely than non-whites to take a negative view on race relations. The survey showed that 42% of non-white Canadians see the country as racist. Among women over 55, 30% agreed that Canada is racist.

Conservatives and nationalists were less likely to see the country as racist, with just 18% of Conservative Party respondents and 13% of Bloc Quebecois voters agreeing with the notion. In contrast, 55% of New Democrat participants tagged Canada as racist, while Green Party and Liberal Party voters agreed at rates of 54% and 38%, respectively.

The overall result of more than one-third of respondents seeing their country as racist might seem surprising for a nation known for friendliness and being welcoming of immigrants. But other responses suggested that, to the extent the survey participants were representative of Canadians’ attitudes toward race, racism might be overstated.

The poll showed that 85% of Canadians believe the country is made stronger by having residents from various ethnic and racial backgrounds. In other words, they agreed with what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said repeatedly, that “Diversity is our strength.”

Canada’s percentage of non-white population has jumped from 4.7% in 1981 to more than 25% currently, and the ratio will climb to an estimated 34.4% in 2036, according to government data.

And then, of course, by 2050, you will be closing in on white extermination.

The last whites will cease to exist long before 2100, as their women will refuse to breed with them.

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Most white nationalists are human garbage who worship vagina, and will not acknowledge the most obvious fact of all: white decline is entirely the fault of women, who have both flooded our country with hostile foreigners and totally refused to breed, instead preferring to go on sex adventures.

White nationalists believe without evidence that women deserve all of these “rights” the Jews lobbied to give them. This makes them completely irrelevant. No man with any self-respect is going to join a group of out of shape losers who pray on an altar of the stinking goo-hole.

I’ve had quite a bit of involvement with white nationalists of various sorts, and found that they don’t really care about whites at all, and their only goal is to promote feminism. They will attack you and condemn you if you dare question any element of their Marxist power doctrines regarding the liberation of women.


The core problem is that up until now, most people involved in white nationalism were weirdos and freaks – the same sorts, in terms of their personal disposition, that get involved in reddit cuckold groups.

Hopefully, now that we’re entering a situation where our back is against the wall as a race, more normal people get involved in fighting for white people, and the mantle is no longer held by vagina-worshiping soft-bodies.

This is now an existential crisis. The hammer is coming down. Canada’s move from 1981 to now is overshadowed by the demographics moves of the United States, which were much more extreme. We are now barely 50% in the United States.

White women are the Great Replacers.

Once again: this demographic shift is as much due to white women refusing to breed as it is to immigration.

This is the United States fertility rate from 1960:

That includes immigrant breeding. It’s much lower if you reduce it to whites alone.

This is entirely the result of giving women a choice – sending them to college, telling them they can get a pretend career, and so on.

America as a nation has received zero benefit from this process. No one can really argue that there has been any benefit. What they will tell you – white nationalists will tell you this – is that women’s rights are the most important thing, and that women’s independence has to be put ahead of the future of the people. If women decide to destroy our nations, that is just the way it is. We have to accept it, because we have to respect their independence.

No one, anywhere, can explain why women should have independence. The answer, of course, is that there is no reason. Male feminists have issues with their mother, which lead them to become devoted to gaining the approval of women, which leads them to support a total vaginal dictatorship.

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The reason that China is a successful nation while no white nation is successful is that the Chinese do not let women run things. That is the core difference. Any supposedly pro-white organization that promotes women is literally as useless as a far-left communist organization.

If you see a group that claims to be “right wing” or “pro white” promoting women – run the other way.