Canada: Machete Killer Charged with Terrorism Over Links to “Incel Movement”

Can you spot the terrorist?

When I was a wee lad, I used to think that terrorism meant Arab cube-worshippers doing explosive suicide attacks.

Today, I learned the true meaning of terrorism: not respecting women.

Always respect women.

The Guardian:

Police in Canada are treating a machete attack in which a woman was murdered and two others injured as an act of terrorism, after discovering evidence suggesting that it was motivated by violent misogyny.

The move is thought to be the first time that terrorism charges have been brought in a case connected to the so-called “incel” ideology.

“Terrorism comes in many forms and it’s important to note that it is not restricted to any particular group, religion or ideology,” the RCMP said in a statement announcing the updated charges on Tuesday.

The suspect, who has not been named because he is a minor, is alleged to have entered a massage parlour in downtown Toronto in February brandishing a machete.

He is alleged to have killed Ashley Noell Arzaga, a 24-year-old mother, injuring the owner as she tried to subdue him.

Police initially charged the suspect with first degree and attempted murder. But on Tuesday, those charges were upgraded to “murder – terrorist activity”.

The suspect appeared in court via video link on Tuesday as prosecutors updated the charges.

Federal authorities started investigating the case after Toronto police discovered evidence of “terrorist activity” tying the suspect to the so-called “incel” movement.

Incels – virtually all of whom are male – are self-described “involuntary celibates”, who subscribe to an ideology that the world is unjustly stacked against unattractive heterosexual men.

In recent years, a spike in killings in Canada and the United States associated with the moment have led to greater scrutiny from law enforcement and security experts.

The use of terrorism charges against the minor – probably the first for an act of violence not tied to Islamic extremism – indicates the federal government views the movement as a growing threat in Canada.

Just so you understand, this happened months ago and it only just now became incel terror because they finally got around to checking his browser history.

Toronto Sun, February 25:

A victim injured in a machete attack that left another woman dead at a North York massage parlour returned to the scene bloodied, bandaged and angry on Tuesday.

Toronto Police officers found 24-year-old Ashley Noell Arzaga dead when they were called to the Crown Spa, on Dufferin St., near Wilson Ave., on Monday afternoon.

In the parking lot, they also found the injured woman, 30, and a 17-year-old male who suffered life-threatening wounds.

The attack started in the spa where Arzaga was later pronounced dead and spilled outside.

“If I had come back two minutes earlier that could have been me. He wanted to kill everyone in that house,” said the injured woman, who lost part of a finger fighting the attacker.

“He brought a machete to f——- kill us. I don’t know if (Arzaga) had the ability to fight back, but I did,” added the woman, who had a bandaged arm and blood around her fingernails. “I fought and got the machete from him and put it through his back.”

The teenage male was found on the ground outside of the massage parlour next to a machete.

The teen — who can’t be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act — has been charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder.

“She (Arzaga) didn’t deserve to die like that. She wasn’t a whore.”

An employee at a Benjamin Moore paint store a few doors away from the spa said the employees were easily recognizable.

“You could always notice them. They would walk up the alley (connecting the spa) to the coffee shop (in the summer), wearing flip flops and bikinis,” the paint store employee said.

A worker in Gaby’s Pastries by the spa described some of the workers as being “so young.”

“The place would open and close but when it reopened some of the girls would come buy pastries two or three times a week,” she said.

“Old men who looked dirty would go there (to the spa). Who knows what went on in there but you don’t kill someone.”

Who knows if he did the attack because he hates women, but claiming that this is a political ideology and thus it is terrorism is nonsensical. Purely nonsensical.

The definition of “terrorism” is an act of violence done to intimidate people into cooperating with a political agenda. It’s not simply “he killed them because of some thing he thought.”

Aside from definitions, it is just dumb to even have this conversation at all, and it can only serve the purpose of demonizing men, presumably for the purpose of eventually punishing men who speak out against the behavior of women and highlight the ways in which it is damaging society as a whole (it is responsible for more or less all damage to society, by the way).

I guess however during this lunatic lockdown, sensationalizing an axe murder from months ago also gives the people a distraction. The masses need something to chatter about, don’t they?