Canada: Lady Doctor Fined $100,000 for Not Believing in the Vaccine Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2019

No matter what, vaccines are a hoax.

I don’t tend to think they cause autism, as I think that is being caused by plastic. But very few of these vaccines actually protect you from anything – and the ones that do work protect you from things that aren’t even deadly, and it is better to just get sick and get better because it is good for your immune system to do that.

It is just a large-scale pharmaceutical scam.

Of course, there are a lot of kooks in the anti-vaxx movement – but who cares? That’s their freedoms. Let them be.

There is no excuse for harassing these people. And the only reason they do it is that they want everyone to be on the same page. They do not want anyone to be allowed to disagree with any single one of the commandments of the system, as any disagreement is a threat.


A Canadian medical committee has ordered a chiropractor to pay $100,000 for sharing “anti-vaccine” views on social media.The ruling, publicized Thursday, orders Dr. Dena Churchill of Halifax to pay the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors for “professional misconduct” after she shared “her personal views that vaccinations could be harmful.”

“Dr. Churchill’s conduct brought the profession of chiropractic into disrepute,” the committee wrote.

The college maintained social media posts Dr. Churchill made in 2018 were an “egregious breach” of the national chiropractic association’s guidelines, which reportedly order chiropractors “not to discuss vaccines in any capacity,” according to the CBC.

“Dr. Churchill was responsible for social media posts outside her scope of practice which were harmful to the public,” the committee wrote, noting she was defiant of regulators and refused to delete certain posts.

“Dr. Churchill maintained significant social media activity which is outside the scope of practice of chiropractic in Nova Scotia despite direct instruction to stop. That is egregious conduct.”

The committee also noted that Dr. Churchill refused to bend to pressure, maintaining, “Her personal views are her personal views,” and that she “does not retreat from those views” that vaccines can cause harm.

“The entire matter could have been avoided if Dr. Churchill deleted offending posts from her social media account, the committee admits, adding, “She refused.”

“Dr. Churchill has been found guilty of the charges that have been filed against her,” the Hearing Committee wrote.

After taking her finances and health into consideration, the committee decided to allow Dr. Churchill to pay $100,000 over the course of 10 years, maintaining that if she didn’t pay “at least a total of $30,000 by January 2, 2022,” she’d have to pay the total in full.

In a Facebook post Friday, Dr. Churchill thanked the CBC for its coverage of her story.

Thank you to CBC for keeping us up to date on the hearings, thank you to the Nova Scotia Chiropractic College for this…

Gepostet von Dr. Dena Churchill – Innovator in Women's Health & Wellness am Freitag, 5. Juli 2019

“My sincere hope is that my example will awaken more of the public to the control and manipulation of the medical industrial complex,” she wrote.

“[T]he article is perfectly correct in that I have no remorse and I would do it all over again if I had the opportunity,” said Dr. Churchill.

“VACCINES ARE DANGEROUS educated people know this if they study the research. ‘Anti’ is a word used to divide the population, I’d encourage you to BE VACCINE INFORMED.”

“Silencing us doctors in any discipline is against the charter of rights and freedoms,” she added. “And to silence us when we are trying to relate dangers to public based on research is criminal!”

Silencing anyone is criminal.

These overlords have no right. The claim that they are both perfectly benevolent in all of their actions AND know absolutely everything about everything is unfathomable. We are supposed to believe these people running our governments are literal gods.

People should not be forced to inject mysterious chemicals into their bodies.

And they should be able to ask all of the questions they want about these mystery injections. And they should be able to hear from people who may or may not be actual kooks.

This is called “freedom.”

Look at this CDC chart of all the vaccines you’re supposed to get injected with before you’re 18.

Anyone who claims to believe this makes sense is either a totally blind believer in the system or a pharmaceutical company shill.

The fact that we’re supposed to believe in the dialectic of “either you believe you need every single one of these injections or you’re a fringe kook” is lunacy.

Firstly, everyone knows the flu shot doesn’t work, and we have all kinds of data showing that you’re more likely to get the flu if you get the shot. So that in itself shows that these high priests of science are full of shit.

That doesn’t mean that the concept of vaccination is wrong, or that all vaccines are bad, or that the MMR causes autism – but it does mean that we should have a right to discuss these issues openly without being harassed at the same level as Holocaust deniers.

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