Canada Implements New Extreme Travel Restrictions, Ending Movement Between Provinces

Every day, the coronavirus restrictions seem to get more extreme.


Canada’s Ontario province is setting up checkpoints at its borders with neighboring Manitoba and Quebec to turn away non-essential travelers, further curtailing personal freedoms in the name of fighting the spread of Covid-19.

The new travel restrictions will take effect on April 19, and only people who need to enter Ontario to work, receive medical care or deliver goods will be allowed to cross the provincial borders, Premier Doug Ford announced on Friday. Ford also extended a stay-at-home order for Ontario residents to six weeks from four weeks and gave police new powers to ramp up enforcement of his pandemic restrictions.

The new provisions toughen Covid-19 lockdown rules that Ford described as already the strictest in North America. Outdoor gatherings with people from other households are banned under the new orders, and capacity limits for large retailers will be cut to 25% of normal. Indoor religious gatherings will be limited to a maximum of 10 people, and non-essential construction projects are being suspended. There are also new restrictions on outdoor recreational venues, such as soccer fields and playgrounds.

I’d reckoned that there would be an easing of tension during the summer. We’ve seen indicators of that in the UK, and in many US states.

But in other places, they’re upping the ante.

It’s obvious that the purpose here is to create chaos among different countries and regions of countries, in order to justify a centralized lockdown system run by the UN.

Of course, as we always need to remember: there remains no evidence of a pandemic.

We should have immediately asked how it was that the government was allowed to make our decisions for us as soon as they said that “flatten the curve” was a flop and no hospital was overwhelmed.

Asking us to stay home for two weeks may or may not have been reasonable, but nothing beyond that has been remotely close to reasonable.

Now, they no longer feel obligated to even explain what the threat is, assuming that everyone has accepted that there is an extreme threat that is too large for them to grasp.

So they are smothering us.

They are snuffing us out like good boys.