Canada: Heroic Cops Handcuff & Arrest 12-Year-Old Native Girl Trying to Pull Off Bank Robbery or Whatever

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2020

The little abo girl, minutes before she tried to defraud a major bank.

Being a cop in Canada isn’t easy.

Not only do you have to learn Canadian law (which is nearly impossible to understand because it’s all writing with British spelling as well as being half in French), but you also need to learn how to ride moose.

Average Canadian cop.

That being said, everyone who knows anything about Canada can tell you that their most dangerous ethnic minority is definitely those pesky Native Americans (Amerinds), which the Canadian government hasn’t yet managed to exterminate unlike their American counterparts – for whatever reason.

When they get too rowdy, sometimes even the military needs to be sent in.

Probably the worst and most unforgivable crime that these Natives are guilty of is to constantly whine about them not having to pay taxes and to start pulling out weird documents every time they enter a business.

I heard they’ll pull one of these and start demanding various discounts wherever they go because of their hundreds of years of oppression or whatever.

This is a heart-warming story where bank employees just said NO and refused to entertain these Native terrorists, instead calling the cops on them, getting them handcuffed and arrested for their insolence.


Maxwell Johnson thought his appointment at the Bank of Montreal would be routine.

He’s been a customer since 2014 and wanted to open an account for his 12-year-old granddaughter so he could transfer funds to her electronically when she was on the road for basketball games.

But at the Dec. 20 meeting at BMO’s Burrard Street location in downtown Vancouver, an employee questioned the identification he and his granddaughter presented.

“She said the numbers didn’t match up what she had on her computer,” Johnson said from his home in Bella Bella, a Heiltsuk community located on B.C’s Central Coast.

Johnson, 56, and his granddaughter were using government-issued Indian Status cards, his birth certificate and her medical card. He said the employee became suspicious and went upstairs with their cards.


What did I tell you.

The Canadian people are sick and tired of these aboriginals and their stupid “Native status cards.” Everyone knows that they get a whole bunch of free crap. These Natives are basically the Jews of Canada, who exist in addition to actual Jews who also exist in Canada. So Canada is really getting a Jew double-whammy. Wew.

My point is, the Jews hide their Jewishness out of a sense of shame and self-preservation, but these Natives proudly flash around their status cards, thinking themselves invincible.

Well, in this case, the people struck back.

He believes the employee might have been suspicious because he had $30,000 in his account — an amount he and every other member of the Heiltsuk nation received in December from the federal government as part of an Aboriginal rights settlement package.

He says the employee then told them to come upstairs to retrieve their identification. Not long after, they saw police walking toward them.

“They came over and grabbed me and my granddaughter, took us to a police vehicle and handcuffed both of us, told us we were being detained and read us our rights,” Johnson said.

Johnson says when he saw his granddaughter in handcuffs, crying, he was heartbroken.

“You can see how scared she was … It was really hard to see that,” he said.

Johnson says he believes he was racially profiled.

He was racially profiled as an Indian… after he showed his government-issued Indian ID card. Huh.

Either way, him and his terrorist granddaughter were merely served just punishment for their crimes of being Aboriginals. And to think that while sitting on $30,000 of government bribe money, he still dares to complain. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

If these Indians don’t want to be “racially profiled,” then maybe they should start paying for their electricity, their taxes and everything else. Nobody is even forcing these people to use their “Native status cards.”

In any case, it’s just great news that two less terrorists are walking the streets of Canada, eh?