Canada: Healthcare Scum Get What They Deserve – Mass Layoffs!

Not anymore you can’t! You dumb bitch!

As the reader is aware, the Daily Stormer took a very hard line against healthcare workers during the height of the coronavirus crisis.

At the end of March, the government decreed that the hospitals would be emptied out. That no one would be able to get any elective procedure, or go to a routine doctor’s visit, because they needed to save the space for all of the people who were going to be infected with the coronavirus.

Of course, because the coronavirus is an absolute hoax, and it is just the flu, very few people were going into the hospital at all. It is almost certain that more people died during this period from heart attacks and from various complications related to putting off elective surgeries than will ever die of the coronavirus.

The #FilmYourHospital hashtag trended as people filmed completely empty hospitals (before the content was banned by Twitter). The media claimed when this was happening that we just needed to wait, because oh boy, those millions and millions of sick are going to need those hospital beds. That never happened. No one ever apologized.

It is simply insane, looking back, that we did this lockdown, shut down the hospitals, and no one went into the hospitals, and the masses of people didn’t stand up and say, “okay, it looks like somebody made a mistake here.” Instead, six months later, our lives are still defined by this virtually harmless flu virus.

Nurses were doing dances on TikTok, because the hospitals were empty and they had nothing to do.

One female doctor went out into Times Square – which was totally empty, and only she and her kind had permission to be there – and did a satanic nude dance with a knife.

Also, nurses were going out and counter-protesting against people who were protesting the lockdown.

This sign makes me the angriest of all:

“No economy is worth more than a life.”

As if collapsing the economy doesn’t kill people. Untold millions of people are going to die when the bottom finally falls out on this. The British government is openly saying that millions of third worlders are going to starve to death, and millions of Westerners are going to die from suicide and drug overdoses.

I also especially hate these smug cunts, who should have been in the hospital gym doing back and shoulder exercises instead of condescendingly playing the boss and rubbing it in people’s faces that they’re not allowed to work because they want to do dance videos:

That posture is so disgusting. It is almost worse than being fat.

They were doing nothing at work, but still had jobs while no one else was allowed to work, and they felt it was a good idea to go try to shame people who wanted to work.

They were continually being told what heroes they were, which I’m sure made them feel very important. People were posting memes showing them as superheroes fighting this evil virus, when in actuality, as we all saw, the only thing they were fighting was people who wanted to work – in-between their dance practices.

These memes were so sickening.

At least one meme showed the nurses as being literally God Himself.

Many showed them as angels.

Mattel released a special line of toys for them.

This article catalogs the insane levels of praise they were getting, with people writing songs for them and businesses giving them all sorts of things for free: “We Need to Do More for Our Healthcare Workers, Because They are Our Saviors.” Apparently, people were stopping medical workers on the street and just giving them wads of cash.

It was all about the media playing up this idea that the virus was super-duper dangerous, and you had to be so, so brave to fight against it, because it could kill you in an instant. These “our heroes” memes are common when the Jews push an agenda. They obviously did the same thing with the soldiers going to fight wars for the Jews.

The whole thing was simply disgusting, and I said that they were going to get what they deserved for destroying America (and the rest of the Anglosphere – all Anglo countries had the “heroic dancing nurse” phenomenon). They would be laid off like everyone else would be laid off when the economy collapsed as a result of this insane hoax.

Well. That has begun.


Yet another Ontario hospital has issued lay-off notices to front-line registered nurses (RNs) โ€“ the very nurses hailed as heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lakeridge Health has informed the Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) that it is cutting eight full-time and six part-time RNs from several of its units as it seeks to balance its budget. ONA President Vicki McKenna, RN, has expressed anger that employers are undertaking a round of RN cuts during a pandemic that is far from over.

“News of still more RN layoffs is incredibly disappointing and disheartening,” says McKenna. “This is the second time in the space of a week that a large Greater Toronto Area hospital is opting to put money over care. Lakeridge Health is cutting RNs who provide high quality care to patients in the acute medicine unit, surgical program and most alarmingly, the infectious disease clinic. It’s truly outrageous that this is the route that management is taking to balance the budget and the residents of Durham Region who rely on Lakeridge for their health-care needs should be very alarmed.”

Women just think that infinity money exists. They’re like black people.ย They cannot comprehend the fact that anything that men have is in limited supply.

(They do the same thing with your time – they just assume you have unlimited amounts of time to spend listening to their dumb bullshit, and if you’re like, “bitch, I got shit to do, I gotta go to work, I gotta go to the gym, I gotta play video games,” they act like you’re just taking away your presence to spite them.)

McKenna says that Ontario has yet to take the lessons of research on RN staffing levels to heart. Multiple studies have shown that cutting RN care leads to patients suffering a seven-per-cent increase in morbidity (complications) and mortality (death).

I am dumbfounded that in the midst of a pandemic, when Ontarians are out thanking front-line nurses for their incredible dedication, courage and skills, that Toronto Rehab and now, Lakeridge Health is cutting the very people who make a difference to their patients’ health outcomes and provide such good value. ONA is calling on this government to stop the RN cuts now and urging Ontarians to do the same. This is too important to everyone to stay silent.”

Reading this is just as satisfying as seeing a woman getting beaten up.

If these stupid bitches would have used their organization to come out in April and say:

We don’t really think this virus is a big problem. The hospitals are not overwhelmed, in fact, they are absolutely empty. We think the people should be allowed to go back to work.

Then that could have made a big difference! This entire thing could have gone differently if all of the big medical groups would have come out and said it was a hoax. They all knew it was a hoax. They were in empty hospitals, doing dances!

But no.

They loved basking in the glory of being called heroes, and they probably loved the fact that they didn’t have to work. And now, they’re paying the price.

Of course, we’re all doomed. We can only keep printing dollars for so long. Eventually the bottom is going to fall out on our economy and everyone is going to pay the ultimate price.

But there’s no reason we can’t celebrate the downfall of the healthcare scum.