Canada: Half of Canucks Favor Trump-Style Moslem Ban

Daily Stormer
August 3, 2016


This was in my hometown…*Sniff*… Maybe there’s hope left for Canada after all.

While the Canadian media has been unanimously outraged at Trump’s proposed ban on importing more terrorists into the country, it seems that actual Canadians think it’s a pretty good idea.

Global News:

The idea of a ban on people coming from countries affected by terrorism has been an issue in this year’s U.S. presidential election, but it appears half of Canadians are on side with it.

Fifty-one per cent of respondents in an Ipsos poll conducted for Global News strongly or somewhat supported banning people from all countries compromised by terrorism as a means to ensure national security.

“51% of Canadians” is basically 100% of straight White males.


Okay. Now we just need to channel that patriotism into something other than hockey.

Darrell Bricker, CEO of Ipsos Global Public Affairs, told Global News he was somewhat surprised by the response.

“But given the events over the space of the last year, in places like Nice (France) and other places, there continues to be this generic concern about people coming into the country, who may have interest in doing us harm.”

Yeah, who could have ever predicted that people wouldn’t be enthusiastic towards getting blown up by foreign terrorists? Maybe people’s fear of terrorism is only due to poor marketing on the terrorist’s behalf.


Terrorists are nice people, only coming here to work hard and pay our pensions.

Let’s just hope that 51% can put down the maple syrup bottle long enough to vote for someone who isn’t Justin Trudeau next time around, eh?