Canada: Greta Thunberg’s Army Meets Truck Convoy of Oil and Gas Workers on the Battlefield

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 20, 2019

Empress Greta Thunberg’s army has faced a small Evil Adults force in what’s probably the first skirmish between the forces of the Sunny Weather Empire and normal, working people who really want to see the world burn out of pure, intrinsic colonialism running through their veins.

Daily Mail:

Greta Thunberg joined thousands of protesters marching in Canada’s energy heartland Alberta yesterday as a smaller counter-rally led by a truck convoy of oil and gas workers also converged on the provincial capital Edmonton.

A crowd of several thousand led by indigenous drummers with students, young people and families marched slowly from a downtown intersection towards the Alberta legislature building.

Many held banners and signs with slogans including ‘be a better ancestor’. Police rode on bicycles at the front and back of the throng.

‘We cannot allow this crisis to continue to be a partisan, political question,’ Thunberg said in a speech before thousands of people on the steps of the provincial legislature.

The climate and ecological crisis is far beyond party politics and the main enemy right now should not be any political opponents, because our main enemy is physics.’

‘We are doing this because our future is at stake,’ Thunberg told the crowd.

‘We will not be bystanders. We are doing this because we want the people in power to unite behind science.

But a counter-protester said: ‘We care for the environment, of course we do. What they need to understand is that we’re hurting and we also need to care about Alberta jobs.’

The honking horns of big rig trucks blared from a nearby thoroughfare, where vehicles emblazoned with ‘We love Canada energy’ signs were driving up and down.

‘When they charged their iPhones last night, that power came from this plant,’ he said, pointing to the former coal-fired Keephills power plant near Edmonton that was being converted to natural gas.

‘Albertans and Canadians are practical people,’ he said. ‘They like real world solutions. Calling for the end of the modern industrial economy, advocating to put millions of people out of work… is not a real world solution.’

How dare he.

Of course this is a real world solution. This is the realest of real world solutions because it is the only solution that will save the world!

You literally need this solution in order to have a planet!

Racing yachts and Tesla cars. Vegan diets and peeing in the shower to save water. This is how we save Earth.

But climate protester Bridget Gutteridge-Hingston, 13, who marched with her father, said: ‘I came out to show support for Greta and everyone fighting against the climate crisis.

It’s something I’m definitely scared of,’ she said.

These are teenagers brainwashed by teachers, the media, and “scientists” that tell them that the world is about to explode because the evil adults are doing evil stuff.

Of course they are scared. People in positions of authority over them are telling them they likely won’t have a future.

The truck convoy organised by pro-oil group United We Roll drove from the city of Red Deer to Edmonton on Friday morning to protest against what the group called foreign activists campaigning against Canada’s oil and gas industry.

Richer countries such as Canada and Sweden need to get down to zero emissions much faster so people in poorer countries can heighten their standard of living by building the infrastructure we have already built,’ Thunberg told a cheering crowd, which organizers estimated was 10,000-strong, from the steps of the Alberta legislature building.

Yes, white countries have to go full Amish while the browns and blacks and the Asians and the rest of the world go full industrialization.

Once white countries are weak and all the rest of the world is strong, Greta will move to these third world and Asian countries to start protesting, telling them that it is now their turn to go full Amish.

This is a sound plan. It will work out, because non-white countries also take orders from teenage girls.

‘We’re not doing this because it’s fun or because we have a special interest in the climate or because we want to become politicians when we grow up. We’re doing this because our future is at stake,’ the Swedish activist said.

The truck horns sounded in the distance throughout Thunberg’s speech and there were around 150 counter-protesters in the crowd.

After she left the stage shouting broke out between pro-energy demonstrators, armed with a noisy bull horn and yelling ‘We need oil and gas’, and climate marchers.

It’s clear by now that Greta and her army, despite their good intentions, are literally the most dangerous threat to the environment and to the planet itself.

What they propose would leave white people, who are the only ones that care about saving the world and nature, unable to enforce policies of sustainability worldwide, and it would result in the takeover of the ones doing the most damage to the environment.

On behalf of Earth-Chan, I declare Empress Greta Thunberg PLANETARY ENEMY NUMBER 1.

Her reign of terror must come to an end if we hope to find real solutions to global problems.