Canada Gibs Shekels to Gitmo Terrorist Who Killed American Soldier

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 18, 2017

So the Ice Niggers gave millions of dollars to a guy that killed an American soldier in Iraq because he said he got tortured. They also apologized to him.

Now they’re protecting his assets.

Your standard good boy.

Fox News:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave Omar Khadr a big payout, but the terrorist’s real victims may never see any of that money.

Canada agreed to pay the former Guantanamo prisoner a reported $8 million in a lawsuit alleging civil rights violations. The settlement included an apology.

The Canadian-born Khadr was 15 in 2002 when he tossed a grenade in a firefight that killed U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer, a special forces medic.

Tabitha Speer, the soldier’s widow, and Layne Morris, who was blinded in the firefight, won a $134 million wrongful-death default judgment against Khadr two years ago in Utah.

Lawyers for the widow and Morris requested an order freezing Khadr’s assets, but last week a Canadian judge threw out the request, calling it “extraordinary.”

Trudeau said last week that it could have cost more than $30 million if the case was not settled.

“The measure of a society, of a just society, is not whether we stand up for people’s rights when it’s easy or popular to do so, it’s whether we recognize rights when it’s difficult, when it’s unpopular,” he said. “We are a society that stands up for peoples’ rights, and when governments fail to respect peoples’ rights we all end up paying. I think that is the lesson that hopefully future governments will draw from this settlement.”

Khadr sued the Canadian government for $16 million in 2015 after he was released on bail. He claimed he was tortured at Gitmo.

Morris told Fox News last week that “it was just crazy that you would give someone like that $8 million because his feelings got hurt. I know he spent time in Guantanamo. That was due to his own actions.”

Tabitha Speer hasn’t commented on the settlement to Khadr.

She last updated her Facebook page in June with a photo of her husband and their two young children, Taryn and Tanner. The children are now teens.

In 2010, she confronted Khadr from the witness stand at the Guantanamo war crimes tribunal after Khadr struck a plea deal.

“My husband was a good man,” Speer told Khadr, according to a story at the time in the Albuquerque Journal. “You will forever be a murderer in my eyes.”

I don’t know the details of the lawsuit.

I can see how it would seem strange to sue someone in a wrongful death suit for something that happened in a war.

But it certainly isn’t as strange as giving millions of dollars to a foreign fighter because he said he got tortured when he was in captivity.

But it sort of does make sense in terms of the modern paradigm. Kind of like something that was bound to happen.