Canada Generously Taking African Refugees From USA – With Their Anchor Babies!

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2018

What’s that you say, America?

Free Africans?

The Guardian:

In 2017, some 2,550 US citizens applied for asylum in Canada – an increase of more than sixfold from 2016 and the largest such number since at least 1994, according to data from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Americans were the third largest contingent of asylum seekers in 2017, after Haitians and Nigerians. The vast majority are children born to Haitian parents, according to experts.

It’s extremely offensive to me that this newspaper is allowed to write “American” about the anchor baby of an African refugee. If you had a kid in China, no one would call it Chinese. This dispossession only goes in one direction.

“Most of the Americans applying for refugee status are the children of non-residents,” says Stéphane Handfield, a Montreal-based immigration lawyer. “They are US citizens because they were born there, but they come across the border with their parents because they don’t want to be separated.”

Without being forced to reflect on Canada, this is a good example that, yes – if you deport the parents, they will take their spawn with them.

Canada, though.


“We left because President Trump said he wanted to deport people,” said Tiroude, who, like his wife, didn’t want his last name used.

The family flew from Florida to Plattsburgh, New York, and crossed into Canada by way of Roxham Road in Quebec, a remote section of the border which has become a well-trodden path for asylum seekers.

Because they crossed the border “irregularly” they were quickly arrested. They claimed asylum and were eventually released to await their hearing in front of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board.

They chose their destination largely because of a tweet by Justin Trudeau welcoming to Canada “those fleeing persecution, terror and war” – which came just as Trump made his first attempt to bar refugees from majority Muslim countries.

Ah, yes. A classic.

I used to think that Canada had elected this man out of a Sweden-tier desire to signal about how much more virtuous they are than their bigger, more relevant neighbors down where it’s warm enough to live.

Now, though, I’m beginning to suspect that a large part of the Trudeau voter base is actually made up of morbidly black-pilled anti-Canadians who wanted nothing more than to see their country humiliate itself on the world stage, and absorb all the genetic overflow from the USA so that their own country could implode as a dire warning to Best America and to the rest of the world.

If that’s the case, I mean… I don’t know what to tell you, Canada. Self-harm isn’t the –

Actually, you know what – yeah, maybe self-destruction is the right choice. Some things are just too far gone to be saved, you know?

Thanks for taking one for the team, igloo bros. We’ll see you on the other side.