Canada: Gaggle of Indians Involved in Coronavirus Relief Fraud

The single thing that Indians have brought to the West is fraud.

Here’s the thing about laws: if no one respects the law, you can’t stop people from constantly violating the law through threat of punishment.

Threat of punishment is only the most extreme level of the social process of enforcing the law. The overwhelming power of the law is that people respect the law and don’t break it because it would be anti-social to break the law.

Brown people who enter into our countries have no respect for our society, and thus their only drive to obey the law is threat of punishment. That means that they are going to break the law constantly, and we simply do not have the resources to hunt down and punish them all.

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The overwhelming majority of coronavirus lockdown relief funds in the West were stolen by Indians and Moslems, who simply do not care about our society, because they are not members of our society and have no interest in respecting it. A few of those people will naturally get caught, but the majority of them will get away with it, because law enforcement is not designed under the assumption that millions of people will engage in widespread fraud.

The Star:

A court order is blocking any sales of seven Toronto properties owned by the family members alleged to have been involved in the theft of $11 million in COVID-19 relief funds, the Star has learned.

Six condominium units and a seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom home in North York are now subject to a court-ordered “no dealings indicator on the title,” meaning they cannot be sold or the ownership transferred.

As first revealed by the Star, the Ontario government alleges that “some or all of” Sanjay Madan, Shalini Madan, their sons Chinmaya Madan and Ujjawal Madan, and associate Vidhan Singh perpetrated “a massive fraud” to direct pandemic cash to hundreds of bank accounts.

Documents filed with the Ontario Superior Court allege “damages for fraud, theft, conversion, and conspiracy in an amount estimated to be at least $11 million,” which was deposited into accounts at TD and the Bank of Montreal.

That cash was part of the $300 million Support for Families program that paid parents $200 for each child under age 12 and $250 for each child with special needs up to age 21. It was designed to help with in-home learning during the pandemic.

The Madans all worked as Ontario government computer specialists.

Seven detectives from Ontario Provincial Police Anti-Rackets Branch are investigating, but no criminal charges have been laid.

The allegations in the government’s statement of claim have not been proven in court.

“This court orders that the defendants … are restrained from directly or indirectly, by any means whatsoever selling, removing, dissipating, alienating, transferring, assigning, encumbering, or similarly dealing with any assets of the defendants, wherever situated in Ontario,” the injunction stipulates.

The order will remain in place until a judge rules it can be lifted.

What having all these brown people in our country does, above all, is completely dissolve any form of social trust, as they look everywhere they can to cheat and exploit the system for personal gain.

We are sacrificing something intangible by allowing these people to come to our country and rip us off like this.

And what are we gaining?

Is anyone willing to ask that question?

What exactly does Canada gain by being flooded with Indians? 

I know that it increases “vibrancy,” I just do not understand what the word “vibrancy” means in that context.

Does it mean crime and social rot?