Canada: Four Dead in “Mass Shooting” – Two of Them Cops

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2018


Two of the killed were police officers.

Don’t see why the suspect’s name isn’t released yet.

Unless they are for some reason trying to protect the guilty.

Why would they do that, I wonder?

Also, the shooting apparently took place at a house. Probably not a “mass shooting” at all, just a domestic dispute, which cops got involved in, and got shot.

A shootout with the police would explain the 20 shots reportedly fired.

Not a major happening.

But I guess any shooting in a country that already has DOUBLE GUN CONTROL is a major happening.

It looks as though Trudeau might have to up this to TRIPLE GUN CONTROL.

Original article follows. 

I’m not sure how this was physically possible, since they have gun control in Canada.

Maybe he used the schematics of the 3D printed gun I’ve been hearing about?

Otherwise, if guns are illegal, how could he have gotten one? To do that, he would have had to have broken the law…

CBS News:

Police in the far eastern Canadian city of Fredericton warned residents to stay in their homes early Friday as they responded to a mass shooting incident. Fredericton police confirmed in a tweet that there were “at least four people killed.”

About an hour after the incident began, police said they had one suspect in custody but advised residents that the area would remain “contained for the foreseeable future” amid the ongoing investigation. They did not renew an earlier request for residents to remain in their homes with doors locked, but they also did not rescind it.

Fredericton is in New Brunswick province, about 50 miles northeast of the U.S. border with Maine.

Residents were warned to “stay in their homes with doors locked at this time for their safety” in an earlier tweet by police. Video from the scene broadcast by Canadian network CBC showed emergency vehicles on a residential road, identified by the police as Brookside Drive.

Rachel LeBlanc, who was sheltering in place at a daycare center within the lockdown area on Brookside Drive, told CBC she heard gunshots shortly after arriving at work on Friday. She said she heard a “crack, crack, crack, four in a row” in rapid succession. LeBlanc told CBC that the 23 kids in her care were unaware of the ongoing security incident, but that she was nervous as the person in charge of their care.

Weirdly, none of the articles seem to be saying where the shooting took place. If people are hiding in their kitchens, apparently it was just outside on the street?

It’s also quite weird that they are not giving the identity of the suspect, now that he is in custody…

Maybe the articles in Canada are giving this information, but I can’t read Canadian.