Canada: Female Orangutan Strangles Old White Woman with Dog Leash

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2017

Catherine Smith, Age 82.

A noble Quang is on the run for defending her honor against an evil White witch who said that her weave was cheap and smelled of fried chicken. The White Supremacist power structure of Ontario is viscously tracking down this innocent woman who did nothing wrong.


Catherine Smith, 82, was brutally assaulted in her home on Lydhurst Avenue, Lambeth at around 1pm on Thursday, 27 July, shortly after arriving home from walking her dog, police said.

Detective Constable Vicky Vincent, the investigating officer from Lambeth CID, described the incident as “a vicious unprovoked attack on an elderly vulnerable woman’s own doorstep.”

Ms Smith reportedly first encountered her attacker – a slim black woman, about 5ft 5ins tall, with slick backed black hair – while she was out on her mobility scooter walking her dog in the Palace Road Nature Gardens.

On returning home Ms Smith saw the same woman sitting on a wall outside her home.

The woman, who was dressed in a khaki coloured zipped coat, multi-coloured trainers and tights, kept asking Ms Smith “where’s Tracey?” and repeatedly asked for money.

The 82-year-old told the woman that she did not know a Tracey, went inside her home and shut the door.

Shortly after Ms Smith entered her property the suspect rang the doorbell and asked to come in and use the toilet, a request that was denied, before aggressively pushing open the door and forcing her way in.

Ms Smith fell backwards and hit her head during the confrontation and then there was a struggle between the two women before the suspect grabbed the victim’s dog lead, wrapped it round her neck and started to strangle her.

The female attacker is said to have then run off in an unknown direction, leaving Ms Smith injured and calling out for help.

On top of insulting the Quangs weave, she covered for that bitch Tracy who trashed the Noble Africans watermelon crop.