Canada: Female-Led 5 Cop Brigade Attempts to Bully Pastor and Shut Down Easter Service

In a video that is shockingly still up on Facebook, scumbag cops are seen disrupting an Easter Sunday church service in Calgary, Canada.

Polish Pastor Artur Pawlowski calls them “gestapo Nazi communist fascists.” I think one of those terms might apply. Anyway, whatever – Poles gonna Pole, but he is apparently the only pastor in Canada with the nerve to hold Easter Sunday Passover services, so I don’t really care if he’s defaming a bunch of dead Germans.

I’m also not going to go into some thing about how Adolf Hitler never would have shut down a church (but obviously, he wouldn’t have).

The police issued a statement on the assault on the church.

It is shocking to me that so many Christians have gone along with this agenda to shut down churches.

When I was a kid, Christians used to talk about a time in the future when the government would shut down churches, and it’s like “well, that’s now happening – look!”

But they will say “oh yeah, but that’s because of a virus.”

You don’t even have to explain that the virus is a hoax. Just say: “oh, so you thought that when the government showed up to shut down churches, they would be dressed like Cradle of Filth and hissing ‘hail Satan’?”

Shutting down a church is shutting down a church. The government has now normalized shutting down churches.

I remember nearly a year ago now when the governor of New Jersey went on Tucker Carlson and tried to explain why liquor stores were “essential businesses” but churches weren’t.

It’s still an amazing interview, even if Tucker has now lost the plot.

Modern “Christians” are absolute cowards. Maybe if the government had nicely asked them to skip church for two weeks at the outset, because of “flatten the curve,” going along with it voluntarily would be understandable. But having the government force you to shut down your church? For a year on end?

Why are these churches across the West not networking together, and forming some kind of resistance?

If the churches won’t fight, then who will?

Ah, but the churches refused to fight:

  • Feminism
  • Race-mixing
  • Mass immigration
  • Homosexuality legalization
  • Homosexual marriage
  • Trannies
  • Child trannies

The only thing that I’ve ever seen churches organize collectively against is abortion. And that’s like “well yes, obviously.” But then they seem to view it as though that’s their only duty.

There were more Christians than there were homosexuals.

So why, in the 1980s, were there not counter-demonstrations when the faggots went on the march?

The church has deep, ingrained wounds that go back to the initial refusal to stand against feminism.

They cannot even be expected to tell basic truths, let alone fight for them.