Canada: Female Cop Convicted of Repeatedly Grabbing Dick of Male Officer Against His Will Gets Fined

Feminism is such an absolute hoax. I personally don’t think that a woman grabbing a man should be treated the same way as a man grabbing a woman, but nor do I believe in this lunatic “absolute equality” gibberish that feminists push.

If they’re going to push “absolute equality,” then this bitch should not only be fired, she should be in jail – because that is what would happen to a man, and we all know it.

But she gets a fine.


A B.C. Mountie who fondled the genitals of one of her fellow constables, groped his thigh and made inappropriate sexual comments to him has lost 20 days of pay and 10 vacation days.

Because of her discreditable conduct, Campbell River Const. Valerie Little will also be ineligible for promotion for two years, has to work under supervision for one year and is restricted from working in the same detachment as the man she groped, according to a January decision from the RCMP’s conduct board.

“I find that a reasonable person in society, with knowledge of all the relevant circumstances, including the realities of policing in general and the RCMP in particular, would view Const. Little’s actions as likely to bring discredit to the force,” Josée Thibault wrote in the board’s decision.

But Thibault said Little’s actions don’t meet the bar for firing, because the officer has shown “potential to reform or rehabilitate” by completing a university degree and consulting with a psychologist every week.

At the time of the sexual violations, Little was a new recruit in the Vernon detachment and worked alongside the male victim, who is referred to as Const. A.F. in the decision.

Little groped A.F. without his consent on two separate occasions between late 2009 and early 2010, according to the decision.

I’m not going to whine about the man who was “abused,” because even if the bitch was really nasty, we all kind of understand that a bitch grabbing your dick is not a huge deal.

Fundamentally, people understand that it is very different for a woman to grab a man’s genitals than the reverse. The feminist system somehow manages to acknowledge this difference, however, without acknowledging any other difference – such as that woman are X times more likely to use sex to manipulate men and then lie about it afterwards to gain advantages.

By acknowledging only the sex differences that benefit women, and never acknowledging sex differences that would help out a man in any given situation, we are not creating “equality,” but instead we are creating female tyranny.

It’s very simple and obvious, but it’s basically a hate crime to say it at this point, because the women who rule us have created stigma around anyone questioning their total dominance of society.