Canada Extraditing Meng to the US in Bizarre Human Rights Abuse Extravaganza

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2019

Imagine that the sickening leaders of the West want to tell us that the Chinese are the real human rights abusers for putting terrorists in reeducation camps while they are kidnapping Chinese leaders on fake banking violation charges in order to manipulate the Chinese.

The Chinese never kidnapped anyone.


Ottawa has formally started an extradition process in the case of Huawei’s chief financial officer, who was arrested in Canada after being charged with circumventing US sanctions on Iran. China saw red over the move.

In a statement on Friday, Canada’s Department of Justice announced that it had issued “an authority to proceed,” thus “formally commencing an extradition process in the case of Ms Meng Wanzhou,” the Chinese telecommunication giant’s chief financial officer and the daughter of the company’s founder.

Meng was arrested in Vancouver at Washington’s request in December. The US authorities have rolled out a long list of charges against Meng, which include bank fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy to commit these crimes while allegedly breaching the US sanctions on Iran.

“An authority to proceed” is the first step in the extradition process, with Meng now set to appear in court on March 6, where a date will be set for her extradition hearing. The Canadian minister of justice has the final say on whether Meng will be handed over to the US.

The latest development in Meng’s case has dealt another blow to already strained relations between Ottawa and Beijing. China’s embassy in Canada has lambasted the move as politically motivated, saying in a statement that the Chinese side is “utterly dissatisfied” with how the case has been unfolding.

“This is not a merely judicial case, but a political persecution against a Chinese high-tech enterprise. The subsequent developments have proved this,” the embassy said.

Meng’s lawyer David Martin has also cried foul at the decision, arguing that the charges against the Chinese executive were viewed by the US as a political tool to break an impasse in the China-US trade row.

No one even understands what these charges are supposed to be about.

It is pure hoaxery.

She says she didn’t do it, there is no evidence she did it, but she’s being held and moved around and publicly humiliated.

The Chinese government never flooded their country with immigrants to attempt to destroy their own native population.

If there was an organization like the SPLC in China that had a chart on the wall tracking the destruction of the Chinese race as they count down to the extinction of the Chinese people, those rats would be executed.

But the SPLC is given special status by the government, and works with the country’s top law enforcement agencies.

We have a government that is literally attempting to exterminate the people of this country, and is more or less open about that fact.

How can we expect such an entity to deal fairly with any other nation, save the host nation of the parasite which foists this upon us, which is Jew Israel.

That is the only nation which the US government will ever treat with anything other than scorn and hatred, because the US government is a servant purely of the Jews.

Have you heard of the aquatic worm parasite that infects the grasshopper and controls its brain and gets it to commit suicide by jumping in the water so the parasite can wiggle out into its home?

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