Canada: Drunken Indian Freezes to Death in a Porta-Potty Because Coronavirus Kicked Him Out of Homeless Shelter

Coronavirus cure kills another! Drunken Indian freezes in Porta-Potty after getting kicked out of homeless shelter!

Frankly, if it would have been a white man with an opioid problem, they would just be saying “well, he deserved it, because he was privileged and supported Donald Trump, which means he was himself responsible for the virus.”

But regardless, this is being reported widely because of the man’s racial handicap making his life important to the media. And it is quite a story.

CTV News:

A man froze to death overnight on Saturday just steps from the downtown Montreal shelter where he’d been keeping warm.

Now that shelter’s staff is speaking out against Quebec’s current regime of public health rules, which had forced them to kick the man out at night even when there were beds available. Montreal authorities say they had been trying to reopen the shelter at night, even if that didn’t happen in time.

The man was Innu, said the director of the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal, Nakuset. She first said on Twitter on Monday that he was Inuk.

The Quebec coroner’s office, which is investigating the death, identified him as 51-year-old Raphael Andre.

Staff at the Open Door shelter, where Andre was a regular, said he had a meal and a shower at the Parc Ave. shelter on Saturday night, but he died later that night.

“Raphael, because he was under the influence, fell asleep in a porta-potty just a minute away from the shelter,” Heather Brunet, who works at the shelter, told CTV News on Sunday.

“He froze to death in the porta-potty… when he could have been here, but instead, because of these [public health] regulations, we weren’t allowed to have clients here overnight.”

The Open Door, on Parc Ave., used to allow people inside all night, but not to sleep. In the pandemic, however, it equipped its shelter with Plexiglass barriers and 65 beds to allow people to sleep relatively safely.

But according to Montreal Public Health, a recommendation was issued to The Open Door on Jan. 2 to temporarily suspends its nighttime program due to an outbreak of COVID-19 among clients and staff. A spokesperson for Montreal Public Health said the shelter’s board of directors agreed to suspend the program and on Jan. 12, Public Health issued a recommendation that the shelter re-open at night, provided it met sanitary guidelines.

Finding beds for homeless Montrealers has gotten even more pressing in the last two weeks with the introduction of an 8 p.m. nightly curfew across the province, lasting until Feb. 8.

So this was a drunk homeless Indian man, it was freezing outside, and they told him to just go wander around in the freezing cold at night because… coronavirus.

This is one stupid case of a man, who probably wasn’t of too much value in the first place, dying because of coronavirus restrictions. They are literally saying “it’s policy to let the homeless freeze to death because of the coronavirus.”

However, these sorts of cases are happening all over the place, and the media isn’t reporting it, because:

  1. There is not always a clear racial grievance angle
  2. It’s not usually this obvious

All kinds of people have died because they’ve skipped so-called “elective” surgeries due to lockdowns.

Then you have the massive spikes in suicides and overdoses, which are only going to get worse and worse and worse when it finally becomes clear what we’ve done to our economy, and once the real divorce wave hits.

We also have no idea how many people have and will die from the vaccine.

Then you have the whole issue of the starvation that is going to hit the third world (which they are telling us in the media is going to kill tens of millions).

What they are doing with these coronavirus lockdowns effectively amounts to mass murder. Millions upon millions of people are going to die because of these restrictions and measures, and many more – virtually everyone on planet earth, in its entirety, who isn’t ultra-rich – is going to have their life destroyed by these measures.

People are lining up in food lines across the country, already. Millions of people, middle class white people, are lining up for free canned food. Because they don’t have food to eat. This lockdown took away their ability to feed themselves.

It’s worthy to look at a situation where these people – who love us so much and just want to protect us from the virus – sent a drunken Indian out to freeze to death in a Porta-Potty because of the invisible, mysterious threat of the coronavirus.

The people doing these restrictions are not lovers of humanity. They are sick, deranged people, who are obsessed with power.

This obsession with power is at the root of evil. That’s what “the love of money is the root of all evil” means.

It’s not that people love Rolexes or Lamborghinis. Money is a type of power.

It is the love of power that drives evil.

It’s what Lucifer said to God: “I wanna be like you.”

The brilliant writer Rudyard Kipling, and then the brilliant artist Wolfgang Reitherman, perfectly expressed this mindset in the character of King Louie in The Jungle Book.

(Note that Lucifer was the head of the heavenly choir, which makes that clip all the more brilliant.)

For all of these weirdos involved with this lunatic cult, from the people making the choices at the top, to the women enforcing them at the bottom, it is that these rules give them power. Every stupid bitch who tells you you can’t enter a store unless you put the muzzle on is getting a rush of power.

Power is and always will be a zero-sum game. Power that they are taking for themselves they are removing from you, the people.

That’s why so many people are calling for Bane to run in 2024.

According to the ideology that is supposedly ruling our society, some filthy drunken Indian is at the top of the pyramid of human importance, and yet they knew he was going to freeze to death and just said “sorry that’s the rules, I can’t see any viruses in here, but they could be hiding, and that means you have to… go outside and freeze to death.”

The believers in this cult will see this story and say “well, at least he didn’t die of COVID-19. Freezing to death in a stinking public toilet is not nearly as bad as getting the flu. Good thing he followed the rules.”