Canada: Doctor’s Life Destroyed for Questioning the Vaccine Industry, Government Says She’s Insane

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2019

My view of the vaccine controversy has always been that you’d have to have serious medical knowledge to understand the issue, and I don’t have that, so I’m not willing to give an opinion that could be construed as medical advice either way.

But the extent to which the governments of the world are cracking down on anyone who questions the practice of injecting yourself with unknown substances has convinced me that these vaccines must be dangerous, otherwise the government wouldn’t be going this nuts.


A Halifax-based chiropractor who attracted attention for her unfounded views on vaccines is no longer licensed to practise in Nova Scotia.

A notice on the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors’ website says Dena Churchill surrendered her licence in January and entered into a settlement agreement with the college in which she admits the charge of being “professionally incompetent as a result of incompetence arising out of mental incapacity.

A hearing on the charge scheduled for next week will no longer go ahead.

The settlement agreement says Churchill underwent a psychological assessment in the fall. She cannot reapply for a licence to practise in Nova Scotia unless she provides a qualified medical opinion to the college’s satisfaction that she is competent and fit to practise.

She also agreed to pay the college costs of $6,000.

Churchill, who operated Oxford Chiropractic Inc. until she closed the practice last fall, posted extensively on various social media platforms about a variety of health-care subjects outside her scope of practice.

Most notably, she repeatedly made disproved and unfounded links between autism and vaccines. Chiropractors in Canada are told explicitly by their governing authorities not to comment on vaccines in any capacity.

The complaint about Churchill that led to the investigation was filed by the regulator last May.


There is zero chance that the government cares about your health.

They absolutely refuse to regulate the food industry, as the obesity epidemic goes completely insane in every Western country.

They allow the Jew Sackler family to get everyone addicted to OxyContin, then they ship in heroin to finish you off.

They absolutely refuse to stop the import of fentanyl.

So if they don’t care about your health, then why are they insisting on injecting you with all of these mystery juices?

Presumably for the same reason they won’t properly regulate the food or drug industries: because corporations are making money.

And obviously the corporations making money don’t have any particular concern about your health.

So my view is: if any disease they’re telling you to get a shot for has less than a 1% fatality rate, don’t even consider getting the vaccine. If there is some disease that has a high fatality rate that they vaccinate for – I can’t think of any off the top of my head – then do a lot, a lot, a lot of research on the topic before injecting yourself or your children with the mystery juice.