Canada: Cucked Politician Collaborates with Antifa Scum to Shut Down Concert

Daily Stormer
November 28, 2016


This politician believes siding with literal satanists is better than being right-wing.

The same kind of antifa scumbag that tried to disrupt NPI are quite active everywhere, shutting down any form of speech they disagree with. Provided, of course, that there won’t be any risk to themselves in doing so.

These people are composed from the worse dregs of society: satanists (see picture above), junkies, homeless bums and violent thugs.

But on Saturday evening in Montreal, their ranks were bolstered by a more unusual ally: an elected federal politician.


Communist agitator and elected MP Alexandre Boulerice.

Global News :

One hour before Graveland band members were expected to take the stage at the Plaza Theatre in Montreal, promoters for the sixth annual Messe des Morts music festival cancelled their performance.

Some thirty protesters gathered near the concert venue at Metro Beaubien Saturday afternoon, hours before the concert was to take place, to denounce the band’s alleged Neo-Nazi ties.

Among those taking part in the protest was Alexandre Boulerice, federal MP for the New Democratic Party in the Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie riding.


Boulerice said he was concerned that groups with fascist ties, or groups which had expressed ideas in line with white supremacist leanings were present in his riding.

“I understand that musicians are allowed to play their music but I believe that citizens who are uncomfortable with movements with ties to the extreme-right are also allowed to express their views.”

Organizers cited security concerns for the show’s cancellation, adding that they had done everything within their power to come up with a solution.

Boulerice is worse than a cuck. He’s an actual communist. Yeah, there’s still some of those in 2016, apparently.


2016 smdh

The thing about these faggots is that they’re cowards. The only reason they protested this show was because they knew it was just a metal concert, and not an actual Nazi event. We have actual Nazi bands here, and these antifa prefer to whine to authorities to get them canceled rather than confront them directly.

I’ll bet Boulerice has never had to deal with actual Nazis directly, staying in his safe space of commie sympathizers in the multicultural wasteland of Montreal.

It’s time to change that.

Shall we go explain to @alexboulerice the importance of freedom of speech, and the philosophical problems with communist ideology?

There will also be efforts to educate the people in his precinct about Boulerice’s treasonous activities and Communist leanings. This should send a clear message to Canadian politicians that there is a cost associated with supporting antifa slime.