Canada: Coronavirus Cops Raid Home After Report of Illegal Gathering (6 People)

It’s truly amazing that this virus regime and the snitch culture surrounding it is now simply the normal culture.

But it is.

And it isn’t going away.


A video circulating on social media shows police in Canada’s Quebec province raiding a home and arresting at least two people, reportedly after a neighbor told authorities they were gathering in violation of Covid-19 rules.

The incident reportedly occurred at a home in Gatineau, just across the Ottawa River from Canada’s capital city, on Thursday. The New Year’s Eve gathering of six people included individuals from outside the home, making it a violation of Quebec’s ban on such get-togethers.

The video, which was circulating on Saturday, begins with police pulling a man out of the doorway of the house as an elderly person and a woman try to hold him inside the dwelling from behind. The man is wrestled to the ground by multiple officers outside, where he’s pinned face down in the snow and handcuffed. A woman also can be seen outside, handcuffed and restrained from behind by officers.

Police told the French-language Journal de Montreal that they were acting on a “citizen’s complaint,” when they faced off with the occupants of the home after they refused to receive a notice and voluntarily end their gathering. Six officers were involved in the fracas. Fines for violating the gathering ban are $1,546 per person.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault previously had said people would be allowed to gather in groups of as many as 10 from December 24-27 if they self-quarantined for one week before and after their meetings. But on December 3, he banned gatherings altogether in most of the province because of rising Covid-19 infections. One exception he allowed was for people living alone to have one visitor, as long as masks are worn and the individuals stay at a safe distance from each other.

I don’t know if this is maybe starting to set in, as we’re approaching a year of this: it’s not ever going to end.

You went along with this, giving the government all of these new powers, and they’re not going to give them up. They have no reason to give them up, because they face no consequences for keeping them.

Apparently, a lot of people just don’t understand the way government works: it is always seeking more power. That’s actually the nature of any bureaucracy – its goal is always to expand. This is an absolute fact, unrelated to other factors, such as that Jews want to enslave you.

Some of you were naïve enough to think that it would end with the election, or end with the vaccine, or whatever. I hate to say I told you so. But I did tell you so.

This is now a permanent state.