Canada: Car Found Suspended from Random Bridge

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2018

As far as modern art goes, I guess this is… better than most.

Fox News:

Police in Toronto are working to find out how a car came to be hanging from a bridge in the middle of the city on Wednesday morning.

The blue Honda Civic was first spotted by commuters dangling fifty feet over a park from the six lane-wide Leaside Bridge over a grassy area blocked off with phony police tape.

Police initially suspected that it was left over from a movie shoot, but then said they couldn’t find any permits issued for filming in the area, according to Global News.

The car was just a shell that had been stripped of its engine, windows and seats and had no license plates.

At least it’s fun.

Better than those gigantic dildo paintings in New York.

Or the buttplug in France.