Canada – Anti-Islam Protesters Blamed for Antifa Riot

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2017

If you’re not a leaf, you probably weren’t aware of the Anti-Islam rally in Quebec City recently. On top of calling La Meute a far right organization while in reality they’re closer to the Proud boys, they are blaming these actually peaceful protesters for Antifa instigated violence.

Here is some street footage of the Antifa calling for the assassination of cops and starting a riot for you to distribute to anyone that you can for the purpose of showing that these leftist fags are always the cause of violence.

As a side note, it was mentioned in the video that they seem to speak in English to each other. Obviously, Quebec City is an extremely French part of Canada, my assumption is that these guys were not only bused in from Anglo areas, but that they also wanted to speak to each other in a way that made it harder for the majority French group to defend against them.