Canada: Amazon Whole Foods Bans Remembering Dead Soldiers, Then Says They Don’t Really Hate Dead Soldiers

Jeff Bezos has always hated dead soldiers.

How are news articles printed about Whole Foods without mentioning that it is owned by Amazon?

Of course they’re going to back down when they get called out literally by the government. They are so spineless they cucked out on hate for dead soldiers.

CTV News:

Following public outcry from veterans and politicians across Canada, international supermarket chain Whole Foods has vowed to reverse a company dress code policy that prevented employees from wearing Remembrance Day poppies.

The initial decision to ban staff poppies sparked controversy earlier Friday morning and had politicians speaking out, calling it “shameful and wrong.”

The company has since decided to reverse the policy saying in a statement, “Our intention was never to single out the poppy or to suggest a lack of support for Remembrance Day and the heroes who have bravely served their country.”

“Given the learnings of today, we are welcoming Team Members to wear the poppy pin in honour of Remembrance Day.”

Earlier in the day, MPs in the House of Commons unanimously adopted a motion calling on all Canadian employers to allow their employees to wear poppies during Veterans Week.

Parliament also voted to invite Whole Foods CEO John Mackey to appear before the standing committee on veterans affairs.

The company has since decided to reverse its stance on poppies, but not before drawing sharp criticism from politicians across party lines.

Canada’s Minister of Veterans Affairs Lawrence MacAulay called the policy “absolutely unacceptable” on CTV News Channel on Friday.

“[Poppies are] to show respect for people who stood in danger for our freedom and democracy around the world. Quite simply it’s totally unacceptable and hopefully they can change this quickly,” he said.

Following a conversation with the company’s COO, the minister released a statement saying, “Just spoke with the Chief Operating Officer of Whole Foods. Employees will now be able to wear their poppies at work.”

“The poppy represents those who’ve served, fought, and died for Canada, and it’s deeply personal to everyone here. Glad to hear they’re changing course.”

God bless every nation’s dead soldiers.

But of course, Jeff Bezos doesn’t want you thinking about those dead soldiers.

If you start thinking about soldiers literally dying to protect their country, you might start thinking about what they were thinking. Going and dying for something is an extreme action.

We are being told by the government that they died for:

  • Gay anal
  • Double anal (gay)
  • African immigrants
  • Islamic immigrants
  • Trannies
  • Child trannies
  • Women’s rights
  • Jews

However, if you think it through, you will quickly realize they died for:

  • Their families
  • Their friends
  • Their neighborhoods
  • Their God
  • Love for their dead parents and grandparents and a belief that they have a duty to carry on the society

No one ever died in a war so trannies could cut their dicks off and we could have unlimited Moslems in formerly Christian countries. That is an absurd lie that no one could ever believe. So you just have to make people forget about dead soldiers altogether.

May God have mercy on Canada.