Canada Already has Fenced Camps to Lock Up Coronavirus Infectees

In a small new item that happened to slip our radar last month, a local media outlet in Canada reported that the province of Manitoba has outdoor camps set up to send people who are deemed to be infected with coronavirus.

The camp described in the article is an hour and a half drive out of Winnipeg – basically in the middle of nowhere.

This is extremely concerning, and not only Canada, but the rest of the world needs to explain how many of these camps there are and how they are planning on using them.

The camp is allegedly for the use of the Metis, an Indian tribe in Manitoba. This is likely why it was made public. Presumably, these camps are now all over the Western world, and we simply haven’t heard about it.

The local news site, Portage Online, wrote on October 30:

Nestled at the junction of Highway 2 and Highway 305 lies what appears to be an old work camp to the average eye. But to those who know, it’s the base for a COVID-19 camp capable of housing nearly 100 people infected with the coronavirus.

The facilities were previously used as a hydro work camp and have been repurposed to fit the needs of the Manitoba Metis Federation. Jack Park, MMF minister of energy and infrastructure tells us the state of the camp.

The camps are ready and able to take any affected person by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have them fully equipped, sanitized, and ready to go if anybody ever needs to. Our services are available.”

The camp has not been used by any COVID-19 patients, but Park knows they’ll be ready to host people if the time comes. He explains how a patient would be allowed to enter the facility.

The procedure is that you need to be referred by one of the health authorities within Manitoba, and it doesn’t matter where you’re from anywhere within Manitoba,” says Park. “We would bring citizens in and put them in this camp in Treherne specifically, and we have a smaller camp in Winnipegosis since that’s ready as well. It’s just that they need to be referred. We’re hoping that the referral process happens because we’ve made it known.”

Park says the Federation saw a need and wanted to prepare in the event of a pandemic. The facility east of Treherne can accommodate up to 96 people while the MMF camp in Winnipegosis is much smaller in size. The camp is staffed by a manager/cook, a breakfast cook, and maintenance personnel.

One of the criticisms the camp has faced is the large metal fence and gate looming around the perimeter of the facility. Park stresses they mean no foul.

The main reason we wanted to fence those camps was to ensure that we didn’t have people coming and going without our knowledge, or wandering around the campgrounds or not. You know, dealing with people that shouldn’t be there when we’re dealing with a COVID-19 situation,” says Park. “We need to ensure that there are people that we have in that camp are protected. We didn’t mean anything negative by it. It was just a safety measure to ensure the people that attend the camp are protected.

Yes, that is the purpose of a fence: it prevents people from coming and going. Indeed, that is why fences were invented.

The article includes a full gallery of harrowing images of the fenced camp. It is a desolate hellscape – prefabricated trailer homes in the middle of a disgusting field.

Understand: this is a real place; that news source I cited is a real local news site that went and interviewed the manager of this camp and took pictures of it. We do not know how many of them there are, but we know that these two mentioned in this article definitely do exist. Portage News has not retracted this story.

Nonetheless, the Jewish media is claiming that these camps are a “conspiracy theory.”

Back in October, Justin Trudeau himself came out and claimed that there are no camps.

Huffington Post Canada published a long article which claimed to “debunk” the “conspiracy theory.” In fact, all they did was say “nuh-uh”:

Federal COVID-19 internment camps are not a thing in Canada, and any messaging suggesting such is a dangerous conspiracy theory.

That’s the message federal officials are sending to Canadians in the wake of circulating misinformation suggesting that the government will force Canadians into “COVID-19 internment camps.”

There’s no truth to that, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“There is a tremendous amount of noise and harmful misinformation … on the internet,” he told reporters Tuesday. “We need to hold together and resist people who would sow chaos within our communities and our democracy.”

When something is called a “dangerous conspiracy theory” and a “threat to democracy,” that means that any discussion of it can be banned from social media.


There is indeed a lot of disinformation about camps. Back in July, the CDC published a paper about how coronavirus was likely to spread in refugee camps, and various conspiracy morons claimed that the paper was about building camps (it was referring to already existing refugee camps, such as those in Syria).

That said: it is not believable that America does not have a similar plan as that we’ve uncovered in Manitoba to intern people in camps under the guise of coronavirus.

Americans need to understand: if Joe Biden gets into office, he will enter with all of our rights having already been stripped away from us under the guise of this coronavirus hoax.

They absolutely can drag you out of your house at night, saying they are fighting the coronavirus. Some laws have been passed regarding “track and trace,” and others are on the docket. But frankly, they do not need laws. As we’ve already seen, they can do anything they want to do by decree if they claim it is to fight this allegedly deadly virus.

WHO officials have talked about taking children away from their parents because of the coronavirus. There was a 666 “contract tracing” law that said that the government could go into your house and remove you if they thought you had the virus.

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Right now, Democrats are making enemies lists, and talking about punishing the people who disobeyed.

Moreover, beyond punitive measures, if the Democrats are able to seize power they are going to need to arrest or otherwise silence large numbers of people in order to maintain the air of legitimacy, which is probably a prerequisite to maintaining a hold on power. I do not think that simply censoring the internet will prove to be enough.

Basically, this is what we are looking at: the Alex Jones nightmare of people being rounded up and sent to FEMA camps is going to come true.

It’s almost all cleansed from YouTube, but here’s a classic Jones clip I found on the topic from back in the early 2000s.

FEMA already has these camps set up across the country.

Here is a news item about “survivors” of the California fires going to one.

Most of the camps do in fact have fences around them.

Understand me: there is nothing right now that keeps the government from declaring your neighborhood a “coronavirus hotspot” and then sending in paramilitary forces to carry you out of your house, put you in a van and haul you off to a FEMA camp. Any protections that we had against that type of a scenario disappeared with this virus.

They bulldozed all of our established rights, and we did nothing.

You remember watching Phil Murphy, the governor of New Jersey, interviewed on Tucker Carlson, laughing at the suggestion that he would consider the Bill of Rights while implementing his coronavirus lockdown agenda.

We stopped having rights when they took them and we did not protest.

They are gone now.

There is nothing protecting any of us.

They can do whatever they want.

“We will all get sent to FEMA camps” is reason #6,000,001 that we must resist this agenda to install Joe Biden as the fake president.