Canada: After White Does Reverse Peace Truck Against Moslems, Moslems Claim Rulership of Canada

Someone did a reverse truck of peace in Canada, and Moslems are responding to it by claiming total dominance of Canada.

Global News:

A vigil was held for the Muslim family police say were targeted in a violent attack that left a nine-year-old boy in hospital and his sister, parents and grandmother dead in London, Ont.

The vigil started shortly after 7 p.m. outside of the London Muslim Mosque and lasted around two hours, filled with prayers and calls for action against Islamophobia.

“I’ve walked that trail that our London family walked on Sunday and never got to finish. And just like many of my friends and family have expressed to each other and on social media, it’s not a matter that it could have been me, it was one of us,” said Nusaiba Al-Azem, second vice-chair of the London Muslim Mosque.

“I am from London,” said Bilal Rahhal, chair of the London Muslim Mosque.

“This city is my city, and this country is my country, as it is your city and your country. Never allow anyone to think otherwise because of the colour of your skin, your faith, or where you’re born. This is our city and we’re not going to let hate scare us or intimidate us or divide us.”

Rahhal said he wants political leaders to take action to fight Islamophobia.

“But we need to recognize that we belong here. This is our city and we’re not going anywhere,” he said.

The London Police Service said Monday that the driver of a black pickup truck heading south on Hyde Park Road near South Carriage Road intentionally mounted the sidewalk and struck five family members on Sunday.

“We believe the victims were targeted because of their Islamic faith,” Chief Steve Williams said during a news conference.

The family has identified them as Salman Afzaal, 46, his 44-year-old wife Madiha Salman, their 15-year-old daughter Yumna Afzaal and Afzaal’s 74-year-old mother.

Nine-year-old Fayez Afzaal suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

“There are no words that can ease the grief of three generations murdered in their neighbourhood,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at the vigil.

No one wants to see people get run over by trucks. Of course not.

But I will say: if anyone isn’t offended by a bunch of Moslems coming to Canada and saying “this is our country, this is our home,” then they are deeply sick.

These people are vicious and invasive. They do not belong here. If they weren’t here, they wouldn’t be getting run over by trucks.

We should be able to say that: “yeah, sorry, that sucks – but you have to go.”

Instead, Moslems creating violence like this is a reason for them to take even more ownership of our home.

It is a truly faggotized society where men allow men from a different country to come take their homes from them, to take their women from them, to attack and defame their ancestors.