Canada Admits Deadly Vax Causes Heart Disease

When the vax makes life normal in two more weeks, we’re going to look back on these times fondly.

Moderna causes more heart disease than Pfizer, experts say. A better way to say that is: you are even less likely to develop a life-changing permanent heart condition if you take the Pfizer vaccine than if you take the Moderna vaccine.

Both are safe and effective, and you should probably take both of them every month.

The most important thing is that you protect yourself from the coronavirus, which only has a 0.015% survival rate. No, sorry, I read that wrong. It has a 99.985% survival rate. But if you’re in that 0.015% that doesn’t survive, you’re not going to be very happy when you find out you’re dead. Of course if you’re under thirty, in the group that is developing this permanent heart condition, the chances of dying are much lower than 0.015%.

But are you really willing to take that risk?

You must do anything in your power to prevent this, and risking developing a life-long heart condition is a small price to pay for the safety of this effective vaccine.


Canadian health officials said on Friday data suggests reported cases of rare heart inflammation were relatively higher after Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine compared with the Pfizer/BioNTech shots.

The data also indicated heart inflammation occurs more often in adolescents and adults under 30 years of age, and more often in males.

The statement from the Public Health Agency of Canada said majority of the affected individuals experienced relatively mild illness and recovered quickly.

The risk of cardiac complications, including heart inflammation, has been shown to be substantially increased following COVID-19 infections, with the risks higher after the infection than after vaccination, according to the statement.

Please note that this is totally unrelated to the massive rise in heart attacks across the world, and that the coronavirus vaccine does not have any side effects at all.

It is safe and effective.

The problem is that it stops being effective if everyone doesn’t take it, and some people don’t want to take it because they believe false theories, such as that it causes heart problems.

The number of people receiving permanent heart damage from these life-saving vaccines could be as low as 62%.

Heart damage, blah blah blah. And no one is doing anything about climate change. My hopes and dreams have been stolen.

It has not been a pack of lies. It’s been a pack of facts.

There are definitely not any Lovecraftian creatures in this vaccine.

There are zero creatures with tentacles in this vaccine, and if there are any tentacle creatures in the vaccine, they are completely benevolent, or at the very least, 0.015% benevolent, which is an overwhelming rate of benevolence.