Canada: 32-Year-Old Mother of Two is Shocked When She Finds Vin Diesel Isn’t Planning to Meet Her

This 32-year-old single mother had every reason to believe that a movie star was contacting her for romantic purposes.

She’s beautiful and she deserves everything that will always make her happy forever.

She also deserves a shiny new truck.

If someone does a trick and steals the movie star lover from a woman, he deserves the worst.

CTV News:

32-year-old Katelyn George is a single mom who says she struggles to give her two boys the opportunities they need.

That is the vulnerability a pair of fraudsters traded on, and the important part of her cautionary tale: everyone can be manipulated by the right approach at the right time.

George was first defrauded through Facebook, where she was messaged and told she’d won $250,000 and a new truck in a contest. But when she went to claim the prize, she was told the truck was held up at the border by Canada Customs and she’d have to pay the duty to release it.

She’s too embarrassed to share how much she paid.

George was hit by a second scam. What appeared to be Hollywood action star Vin Diesel contacted her through direct messages, flattering her and started a romantic exchange of hundreds of messages.

There were vague plans to celebrate his birthday in Calgary together — but a critical piece of movie making equipment broke — he needed money to fix it and save his latest film. George would be the hero and get the leading man.

Instead she lost more money and had her heart bruised.

“This is no joke, this is somebody’s life that they’re toying with and so many other people’s lives,” George says.

People will say that this bitch is fat – well, that’s just more cushion for the pushin’.

They will say that she is old – well, that’s just life experiences that make her more interesting in conversation.

They will say that no one wants to raise her bastard children – listen up, mister: those children are a blessing. You’d be lucky to have them in your life, because they’re a gift.

Besides – it’s not her fault she is a single mother. The man couldn’t make her happy like he promised to do forever. He wasn’t man enough. That’s why she needs a real man, who can make her happy all the time.

She needs Vin Diesel.

Every woman is perfect at every size and age, no matter how many bastard children she has. All of them deserve to be married to movie stars that will make all of their dreams come true.

The problem is that ugly, jealous men who are incels and can’t get a girlfriend want to take away what rightfully belongs to all women. If ugly and pathetic incels who are just being ironic anyway would stop thwarting the lives of women with their low down dirty tricks, then every woman would be married to a movie star and have a new truck given to them for free every week.

Incels are just mad because they know that if every girl is married to a movie star, they won’t ever have a chance with a woman. Anyway, they can’t handle a real woman who’s got life experience and is confident with her body. They’re not man enough to raise some other man’s kids.

They need to man up and stop being ironic incels so that women can finally get what they deserve.