Can You Truly Argue This Guy is Worse Than Anyone Currently Serving in Government? [UPDATE: Yes]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2018


Okay, so it turns out this guy is apparently legit unhinged.

As several commenters pointed out.

Fox News:

Larson has written frequently on so-called “incels” — people who have struggled with being “involuntary celibate.” HuffPo said Larson confirmed writing online posts – they’ve since been taken down — titled “Advantages of Father-Daughter Incest” and “The Justifiability of an Incel’s Kidnapping a Girl and Keeping Her as His Rape-Slave for Sex and Babymaking.”

In its story, the news organization said Larson was open about his pedophilia, but claimed he has never committed any crimes. It also uncovered an online post in which Larson expressed a desire to have sex with his daughter, though he doubted it would happen because he doesn’t have custody. He told the outlet he has a 3-year-old daughter who lives with relatives.

According to Larson’s campaign platform, he is for the legalization of child pornography and restoring “benevolent white supremacy” and “patriarchy.” He also refers to Adolf Hitler as a “white supremacist hero.”

Definitely, we do not want people associating white nationalism with… having sex with your 3-year-old daughter.

He has a manifesto, which is in the form of a Wiki for some reason, which you can read.

It’s like… he took a bunch of our ideas and associated them with some of the worst shit imaginable.

He does have some great arguments though – like this one for legalizing marital rape: When you think about it, the Catholic God is arguably conspiring in what criminal law would consider marital rape of women by threatening them with hell, or at least purgatory, if they don’t submit to their husbands’ sexual demands. If a man were to threaten his wife with a flamethrower and tell her, “You better open your legs or I’m going to burn you with this” he probably could be prosecuted, in this day and age in which feminism has taken away so many of men’s prerogatives. But God, being no longer incarnate on this planet in the form of Jesus Christ, has no physical body that can be arrested and thrown in prison, so he gets away with it.

The shit is like, internally consistent in a bizarre way, but it’s insane. It’s interesting to read.

People are saying this is some kind of kike psyop, but the guy does exist, has a daughter and a dead wife, and published these blogs and did these interviews. So… this might just be a guy who has some very serious problems.

Below, I gave him the benefit of the doubt based on the WaPo article, but after having seen his manifesto, doubt has definitely been removed.

This is sort of the major issue that the “movement” is dealing with – we have been relegated to the fringe, so the kinds of people that get involved are very often fringe people. Normal people with something to lose look at this situation and even when they agree with our basic premises, they see what a clusterfuck the “movement” is and are like “yeah, not going there.”

This was a big thing with the doxing of Ricky Vaughn. It set us back a decade by sending a message to normal people that this alleged “movement” is filled with unhinged people who will destroy your life over an internet argument.

Basically, because we are on the fringe, people who are not even necessarily political, but just have social or mental problems, will show up and feel like this is a place where they can be accepted. We really need to start doing more quality control, and weeding out cancerous people.

nb4 “Anglin you just promoted a guy who wants to have sex with his 3-year-old daughter” – firstly, I didn’t promote him, I just pointed out he was better than John McCain. Secondly, yes, I should have Googled around about him more. You know, I don’t have infinite time and resources, you all see my work output… sometimes mistakes happen.

But I do admit my mistakes.

You would have thought that the WaPo article about him would have mentioned the wanting to have sex with 3-year-old daughter thing though, wouldn’t you?

Anyway, I’ll leave the original article below.

But yes, having seen this new information, I believe this person is simply insane. Like, I don’t think there is really anything political going on here – he is just an individual with some very serious problems.

It is however genuinely funny that McAuliffe is responsible for this situation because he gave felons voting rights so nigger crackheads could vote Democrat.

Original article follows.

WaPo is obviously lying about this guy.

He doesn’t actually “support pedophilia,” he supports removing an age restriction on marriage. Age restrictions on marriage, whatever you think of them, have only existed in America or any other country since the 1920s.

Whether you agree with it or not, that is just the fact of reality – “age of consent” is a modern thing, due to reform by women. It was also related to the modern issue of sex outside of marriage, which hadn’t really been a thing previously, other than among prostitutes.

I’m not sure why they’re saying he’s supporting incest. I do not agree with that. But note that they interviewed him but don’t give direct quotes, which allows them to twist what he’s saying even more than they usually would. Someone needs to get him on a podcast and get this figured out (Exodus Americanus, I’m looking in your direction).

But just looking at this guy’s positions, just as they are presented by WaPo, can any normal person argue that he is not better than pretty much everyone else in our government right now?

Washington Post:

Nathan Larson lives with his parents, and spends most of his waking hours on the Internet in between intermittent work as an accountant. And it’s mostly there that he’s developed some views that put him on the extreme fringes of society.

He believes in instituting a patriarchal system, with women under the authority of men; he supports abolishing age restrictions for marriage and laws against marital rape; he believes that white supremacy is a “system that works,” that Hitler was a “good thing for Germany,” and that incest should be legalized, at least in the context of marriage.

See, he has me all the way up to that last part.

Incest, I think, is really not a good thing. Like homosexuality, it is a taboo that existed for a reason.

I know that second cousin marriages were normal until recently – and are still legal I think in almost every state (first cousin marriages are technically legal in some states too I think) – but even that can cause genetic problems.

And at one point in a conversation with The Post, he seemed to express admiration for the system run by the Taliban in Afghanistan, noting that the country’s birthrate fell as a consequence of increased opportunities for women after the United States’ more than decade-long intervention.

“Seemed to express admiration” – well, WaPo, what did he say?

Why don’t you use quotes?

What the hell kind of journalism is this?

But Larson, 37, is hoping to take his views toward the mainstream by mounting a campaign for a congressional seat in Virginia, running as an independent libertarian for the state’s 10th district, a swath of land across three counties in Northern Virginia outside the Washington suburbs.

Larson’s campaign, which is his latest run after failed campaigns for Virginia’s governorship and state legislature, has drawn attention for Larson’s unabashedly extreme views. The HuffPost reported this week that Larson had created two websites that catered to the furthest fringes of the Internet: and, information that Larson confirmed in an interview with The Post.

Both websites have since been removed by their domain hosts. Suiped or Suicidal Pedophiles, was a site and self-described organization created to lobby for pedophiles and other convicted or potential sex offenders to be able to kill themselves at clinics legally, according to cached images.

Yeah, I mean, again – we need some context there.

But the WaPo isn’t interested in even informing their own readers about what is going on here.

According to a cached image, Incelocalypse was created to “serve as both headquarters and casual hangout for the hardest core of the hardcore incels,” the small but vocal community of “involuntary celibates” online who rage against feminism and a system of female empowerment that has deprived them of sexual gratification, an Internet subculture that has begun to draw some attention by mainstream media outlets.

I have no problem with that.

Basically just describing the TRS forums.

Larson said he considers himself to be part of the “incel movement” and said his views took a turn for the more extreme after an acrimonious divorce. In 2015, his former wife was granted a restraining order against him after Larson returned to Virginia, where he grew up, from Colorado. And though his ex-wife later committed suicide,

a custody battle unfolded for a child of his that she gave birth to after they split up, according to local media accounts. The El Paso County Attorney at the time, Robert Kern, argued successfully that Larson would not be a fit parent, according to the Colorado Springs Independent. Larson said he has only met his daughter once, during a supervised visit with a social worker.


That is rough.

Standard “tales from the matriarchy,” however.

Larson also has a criminal record. In 2009, he pleaded guilty to threatening to kill the U.S. president, for which he served 16 months in federal prison and three years of supervision upon his release.

He also has a couple of misdemeanor convictions: One for the “use of computer for harassment,” which Larson says was related to a lewd email he sent a woman while he was in college, and two others that pertain to marijuana possession.

Some conservatives have used Larson’s candidacy to attack Virginia’s voting laws, after Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) restored voting and other civil rights to thousands of convicted felons across the state, including Larson.

Yeah that is really, really funny.

That he’s only allowed to run because McAuliffe wanted a bunch of nigger crack dealers to vote for him.

Larson filed the initial paperwork with the Virginia Board of Elections to certify his latest candidacy in May. He said that he has also submitted the 1,000 signatures of potential voters required to run for Congress in Virginia. He said the goal of his candidacy was to try to “build a movement” and wasn’t too worried about whether his message would resonate with voters.

“Build the morale among the incels help get them focused and get some traction,” he said.

Yeah, I mean.

I want to hear more about the incest and pedophile stuff, but I suspect he’s being maligned.

Even if he is not – still has a better head on his shoulders than Nancy Pelosi or Paul Ryan.