Can People Just Stop Linking to Sites with Paywalls, Please?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2017

Cockblocking me on learning about Comey getting cockblocked… irony or simply inexcusable annoyance?

I know that on this topic, I’m really a voice in the wilderness.

But I am calling on Drudge, Google News, Reddit and others to just stop linking to sites where the content is behind paywalls.

You are not linking to a news article – you are linking to an advertisement to purchase a subscription to a useless news site which only has information which is available on other sites.

All this amounts to is an annoyance, an advertisement for these sites’ subscription services from places we go to get the news.

Yes, I know that we can delete cookies or open an incognito window and usually see the article, and if not, try to find it on, but the fact is, most people are not aware of this fact and even for those who are aware of this fact, it is a pointless annoyance. Everything that is reported in WaPo, WSJ and NYT – the three biggest American paywall perpetrators – is available within hours – or even in an hour – on AP, AFP or Reuters (as well as British papers such as the Daily Mail, The Independent and The Telegraph), which don’t do the paywall game.

cockblock internet security

Don’t cockblock me, bro! Bro! I just want the latest updates on the Russian hacking conspiracy, bro, don’t cockblock me!

Also, please never again link to Forbes, which has that spam pop-up with the “quote of the day” and a big ad (I assume – I block ads) on every article. It’s disgusting and shameful.

Bitch nothing was ever interesting about you that doesn’t start with the letters “t” or “a,” and I don’t care about you meaningless thoughts. I just want to know about Dubai’s robot cops. But oh, lookie here, The Telegraph has the same story without a cockblocking feminist quote and a demand I turn off my adblocker. 

If these companies can’t make it with their private funding and advertisements, then they deserve to drown.

And I have a right to say that – I run a website that exists only on private funding. And we are continuing to expand, which is why Jews are forced to launch anti-free speech lawsuits against us.

Cloudflare analytics was down that one day, not us.

If we had the opportunities that WaPo, WSJ and NYT have as far as advertisements, we would we bigger than they are. I would buy the NYT building and install a swastika on the front of it by 2020.

At this rate, I will not own the NYT building until first quarter 2030, when I will be 45-year-old.

By that time, the 620 Eighth Avenue neo-post-modernist building will be even more dated than it is now (it was dated when it was built).

At least we’re going to remove whatever the hell that weird grating thing is from the front of it, and replace it with a gigantic neon-light style swastika on the front of it, covering up most of the tacky, cheap-looking design of the building itself.

Something along these lines:

Oh how I wish it was the old West 43rd Street Times building I was obligated to buy.

But alas – it is not so.

In order to make my important point, it is the Eighth Avenue building I must purchase.

Fortunately, we are going to be able to do more with the interior, which is currently absolutely fucking disgusting.

When I take control, it is going to be decked-out like the historic Ohio Theatre, designed by the genius architect Thomas W. Lamb and completed in 1928, fully restored to its original glory in 1969, and which I remember so well visiting as a boy.

We’re doing a brilliant combination of art deco and classic Persian carpeting, Greco-Roman pillars, intricate Victorian iron railings, hand-painted plaster molding, chandeliers, Neo-Victorian furniture, the whole bit.

The one thing I will save is the courtyard, which I do like, though it will be decked out to include bronze statues of Hitler, Jesus, George Washington and Dylann Roof.

It’s going to be a big project, but one which I eagerly look forward to.

Until the company inevitably collapses though, please stop propping them up by linking to their “pay us on the internet” ads as if you were linking to an actual news article.