Cameron Culling the “White Men” in His Cabinet, Replacing Them with Women

Daily Stormer
July 15, 2014

You wouldn't be trying to Jew us, would you Mr. Cameron?
You wouldn’t be trying to Jew us, would you Mr. Cameron?
The weird Jew David Cameron is once again up to something weird.

National Post:

William Hague stood down as Britain’s foreign secretary Monday night, as David Cameron mounted a “cull of the middle-aged white men” in his biggest reshuffle since becoming prime minister.

Mr. Cameron fired the starting gun for the general election by moving or sacking at least seven cabinet members to make way for a series of women, who will be promoted Tuesday.

Mr. Cameron is expected to promote as many as 12 women to his cabinet and the lower ministerial ranks. He wants to create a younger cabinet that will appeal to female voters before the general election — the average age of those sacked was 60.

He has been damaged in recent years by claims he has a “women problem” and has surrounded himself by “privileged men.”

Esther McVey, the formerTV presenter from Liverpool, and Liz Truss, are expected to be promoted.

The fact is that White men have held positions of power throughout history because they are the most capable. Saying it is a conspiracy is delusional insanity, as is evidenced by the fact that the only way that women and minorities tend to achieve power is by having it given to them because they are women or minorities, such as we are seeing here.

I would be ashamed to be given something simply because of my sex or race.

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