Cambridge: Gone with the Wind Themed Ball Sabotaged by Black Crybabies

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

March 20, 2014

Pure hatred of blacks.
Pure hatred of blacks.

A Cambridge University college has capitulated to the whining black crybabies and agreed to cancel its planned Gone with the Wind themed ball.

From the Daily Mail:

St Edmund’s College had planned to theme its annual summer ball around the 1939 Oscar-winning film staring Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable.

However, organisers have been forced to abandon their original plans, and instead re-brand the event the Journey Through The Seasons ball after concerns were raised over the racism in the film.

Although Gone With The Wind is most famous for its depiction of the enduring romance between Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler, it has been heavily criticised – both at the time of its release and now 75 years on – for its glamourisation of slavery, and its stereotypical depiction of black characters.

Founded in 1896, St Edmund’s prides itself as being one of the most diverse colleges at the University, with students coming from over fifty different countries.

St Edmund’s Student Mamusu Kallon, who was born in Sierra Leone, had been angered by the original choice of theme.

‘It is a film that glamourises the romantic dreams of a slave owner and a KKK member while rendering the horrors of slavery invisible,’ the third-year human, social and political science student told The Independent.

‘The black characters fulfil every derogatory racist stereotype of the “slave” and black people continue to be subject to the modern-day versions of these stereotypes. Surely Cambridge University should not be perpetuating this?’

The decision to change the theme of the annual May Ball, which costs as much as £129 per person to attend, was made by organisers last month.

You have no culture, White man. All the culture you had was racist, so we have destroyed it.

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How’s that taste, whitey? Now your daughter can get dry-humped by strange colored folks, legally.

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God has given you blood to drink.

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