Cambridge Analytica Hoax is Going to Lead to Regulation of Big Tech

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 20, 2018

They’ve got a great logo, no?

A lot of people are talking about the big new anti-Trump hoax as if it is a bad thing for us.

It isn’t.

Firstly, all of these anti-Trump hoaxes relating to the election are pretty much burned out. They are going to keep hoaxing Trump for sure, but they’re going to have to move on from the election itself and start coming up with other hoaxes.

More importantly, this hoax is way too complicated to ever really get any traction after the initial media flood.

On top of that, all Team Trump actually did was contract a data mining company that by all appearances worked within the boundaries of what was allowed at Facebook. Whether or not that same company entraps people with hookers has nothing to do with anything, as Trump is not being accused of entrapping anyone with hookers.

Let’s Back Up Here a Sec

For those who haven’t been following it, here’s the basic thing:

  • Facebook has a feature where you can buy their mined data.
  • Trump’s campaign hired a data analytics company, Cambridge Analytica, that operates on Facebook.
  • Trump financer Robert Mercer is a partial owner of Cambridge, and former Trump strategist Steve Bannon formerly served as it’s Vice-President.
  • Cambridge did a quiz on Facebook that a quarter million people took, and they were – using Facebook’s own rules – able to use that to acquire analytic data from 50 million Facebook users. Allegedly.
  • The data was allegedly used to target Facebook users with pro-Trump ads.
  • There is some faggot with pink hair saying that he designed this Cambridge data-mining software and it’s a psychological warfare operation.
  • The BBC sent undercover reporters to meet Cambridge boss Alexander Nix and his guys, and they apparently said that along with Analytics, they also set up honeypots with hookers.
  • Leave campaigners used the same company, and so the media is also trying to tie Brexit into this.

That’s all.

There is nothing illegal even being suggested here, they’re just saying it is immoral. And okay, I guess data-mining itself might be immoral, but Trump didn’t do anything different than what every company that advertises on the internet does. They are simply alleging he did it more efficiently. And that’s like… okay then, I guess.

Why This is Actually Good

This is going to get regulations in place.

Mark Zuckerberg is going to be called to testify before Congress. A bunch of Congressmen are already calling for it.

Bro explain this shit it’s YOUR FAULT TRUMP WON

The more they make of this story, the closer we get to full regulation of the tech industry. And when the regulation begins, the first thing we are going to be able to push for is First Amendment rights. The only reason we don’t have those already is that tech isn’t regulated. That has been the entire excuse for not doing it – “these are private companies, they can do whatever they want.”

Well, the phone company is a private company, and they can’t monitor your speech and shut you down because they don’t like what you’re talking about. Because they are regulated by the federal government.

And I’ll tell you what, when Ajit Pai gets in there and starts with the regulation, the first thing he’s going to be after is First Amendment rules.


Because this is a huge thing for the Trump people – all of their supporters are being kicked off of all of these platforms, and that is very, very bad for the administration – not to mention the 2020 election. I think they all know that they have to level the playing field on social media. And I think that is a big part of why Trump is letting the Mueller thing keep going and going and going.

Everyone banned from Twitter – from the original 2015 wave of bans that included Chuck Johnson, George Zimmerman, MILO and myself, up through the recent bans of Martin Shkreli and various Alt-Right figures – has been a Trump supporter. Literally, every single one of them. Seriously, check the Wikipedia list of permanent bans for public figures – the only non-Trump people are Islamic terrorists, and there are a lot fewer of those.

If the goyim know, you have to shut them down.

And they continue to expand this banning program to less and less “hardcore” figures.

The same thing is largely true for people getting banned from Facebook and YouTube. There is also a good chance that the methods used on me – the scorched earth banning operation, where all backbone services shut me down – could be used to shut down pro-Trump websites.

It is clear that the goal is for no Trump supporter to have any voice at all by the time 2020 roles around. And Trump and his people know that is non-feasible. Social media is a big deal. Telling a Presidential candidate that he effectively gets no representation on it at all, other than through a very limited number of official channels, changes the entire game.

The Democrats are hoisting themselves on their own petard with this Russia hacking gibberish, which has now made a phoenix-like transformation into this Cambridge Analytica thing.

The legacy of all of it will be that it led to government regulation of the tech industry.

There will be a day, probably within the next year, when Twitter and Facebook are forced to let all of us back on, and will not be able to get us off unless we violated clearly stated terms of service.

I will get my .com back.

And the Jews will be forced to contend with our ideas.

Meme war. Meme war never changes.

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