Calls for Ban on AfD: Jews Demand the Suppression of Germany Democracy

Diversity Macht Frei
May 3, 2016


Jews in Europe have expressed their concern about the growing support for the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD).

The European Jewish Association (EJA), a Brussels-based umbrella group of Jewish organisations from various countries, in a statement issued on Monday called for the federal government to take action against the AfD. The party was said to be a “threat to European Jewish communities, religious freedom and social peace,” said the EJA chairman Menachem Margolin.

The rabbi, who according to information from the association wrote a letter to federal chancellor Angela Merkel and president of the parliament Norbert Lammert (both CDU), described the AfD as a “warning to the Jewish community”. If the AfD should come to power, according to Margolin “the future of European Jewry would be threatened.”

The association made reference to the AfD’s demand to ban practices from Judaism (and Islam) such as circumcision and the unstunned slaughter of animals. “The rise of such a party reminds us of the dark days of the rise of the National Socialist party in the 1930s and sends a chill through the spine of Jews in Europe, especially in Germany,” explained Margolin.

“History teaches us that it is possible to manipulate people in such a way that they elect an antisemitic government and how this unavoidably can lead to tragedy.” It is “of great importance that the German government recognises that antisemitic parties should be illegal, in order to avoid a catastrophe,” explained the EJA chairman.

The rhetoric of the AfD is “not only antidemocratic. They want to set communities against one another and stir up violence and fear. They must be crushed.”

In contrast to its clear anti-Islam course, the AfD does not mobilise openly against Jews. There are recurrent accusations of antisemitism in the party. Among others, the president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Dieter Graumann, and the president of the Israelite Faith Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria, Charlotte Knobloch, have expressed concern and charged the AfD with antisemitism.


Bear in mind that, according to recent polls, the AfD is the third most popular party in Germany.

Where is the Counterjihad movement now? Do they have anything to say about this? For years they have called for new political parties that would mobilise against Islam. Then one comes along. And the Jews try to crush it. What do you have to say now?

There’s not a word about this on the leading German anti-Islam site Politically Incorrect.